Monday, September 29, 2014

Siren Song's Distant Worlds Collection

Today's post is something different! Something new! Today, I'm reviewing the Distant Worlds collection from the fairly new company Siren Song Cosmetics! The shop was opened sometime in May, I believe, and to my everlasting delight offered not just a general Final Fantasy collection but a specifically Final Fantasy X collection. Which is everything I've always dreamed of.

When I placed my order there weren't any sets listed so I had to add each eyeshadow one by one to my cart - not the biggest pain but I'm happy to see that full and sample sets have both been added to the site for most of the collections. Sample sizes come in plastic clamshells - this is my first time with clamshells so it was a bit intimidating! They're nerve wracking to open and to snap shut (which is accompanied by the smallest poof of pigment) but over all I didn't have too many problems with them. (Well, one problem... But it was my own fault.) The information for each shade is printed on the clamshells but I do think the ingredients list could be a bit darker/more legible.

Product-wise I'm very pleased! Let's jump into these swatches already!

*All swatches are over Too Faced Glitter Glue in indoor, indirect natural light unless otherwise noted.*

Deep crimson red with a subtle shimmer.

Over Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Nearly matte, deep, warm red. What other color would be best suited to our dear, dear Auron? That lovable, gruff son of a bitch.

Shimmery copper brown with a pink shift and gold sparkle.

Super metallic and just generally lovely, this shade is perfect for those of you who want to blend in with the fall foliage. Like some fabulous autumn camouflage.

Looks like a vibrant coral in the jar, but swatches as sparkling sunset pink with a violet shift!

The description for The Sending is spot on. I don't even know how I'm going to wear this but goddamit, it's gonna happen. Also, side note: For my fellow FFX veterans, did anybody else keep that first save in Kilika just so they could go back and watch the sending cut scene over and over? I did. No shame.

An ancient metallic bronze toned gold.

Another lovely autumnal shade! It reminds me of a Hello Waffle shade but I can't for the life of me remember which one. D:<

Rustic bronze-gold.

I'd probably say this is more of a golden olive. I'm hella in love with it though. One of my favorites from the bunch.

Dark shimmering grey with red undertones.

This color is a perfect representation of Sin. (The monster, not the concept.) I like it but I can't say I'm wowed by it.

Prussian blue with powerful gold and blue sparkle.

Talkin' about WOW: Glitterbomb! This is absolutely fabulous. You'll need a sticky base for sure with this one. Q&A time: Would I wear this on my eyes? Yeah. Would I wear this all over my face? YEAH. Would I swim through it while sharing tender embraces with my lover? HELL YEAH.

Deep purple-blue with pink undertones.

Swatches of this shade pull awfully blue but Summoner is in fact purple. It's satin with fine shimmer throughout and I want to wear it as humongous winged liner that would let me take flight. Can you tell I love colored liner?

Orchid purple with a subtle pink and red glittery shift.

I don't get much of a shift from this one - just consistent shimmer. It's pretty! But it seems a bit lighthearted for Lulu. Maybe that's just me though.

Byzantine purple with a copper glow.

Oooooooh! As gorgeous as it's namesake! I'm tempted to try very lightly dusting this over a similarly toned pink blush. 

Pearly near matte azure blue.

Over Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Kimahri Ronso! This is a nice, mostly matte blue - pure and simple!

I will point out that a few of these shades have some bits of unblended pigment?/base? (whatever those white blips happen to be) which are most visible in my shot of Loyal Lionheart's clamshell above. I haven't noticed any effect on application but I did want to make note of it.

Strong electric blue with a pop of sparkle.

I light, watery blue with tons of lovely shimmer! This also happens to be the shade I spilled all over my brand new beige/white striped rug! Hooray! Luckily enough, I had some Goo Gone-brand wine remover my sister and I got as a Christmas gift from my grandma (It's not the strangest gift if you know anything about my sister~) and that took it right out.

Mint green with a soft sparkle.

Oh god, oh god, oh god - I love mint green! My swatch leans a tad bright but it is in fact a gloriously soft, shimmery pastel mint. You can see it in action here! (On the inner half of my lid.)

Soft pearly white base with a pink shine and pink/blue sparkle.

Delicate and ethereal - words to describe both pyreflies themselves and this eyeshadow. I've been using it as an occasional inner corner highlight but I'll have to try this over NYX Milk on the lid sometime and see how much it pops!

That's all for swatches! There are definitely a few shades here that I'd love to have in a full size. Our Story, Eternal Calm, The Fayth and The Sending simultaneously float all of my boats. Currently, the art for the full size jars is a redraw of the FFX official art which some have pointed out is legally... questionable. I have seen the owner make mention that it's just a place holder as she's in the process of commissioning artists so I hope to see that remedied sometime in the future!

Over all, I'm happy with what I've tried so far! The company has an Attack on Titan collection I'd love to try and pressed blush compacts that are absolutely adorable. Suffice it to say, this isn't my last encounter with Siren Song!



  1. I am all over these right now, thank you so much for sharing these swatches and introducing me to Siren Song Cosmetics. I'm so picking up Eternal Calm.

    1. Yay! That's lovely to hear! Enjoy Eternal Calm - it's the beeesssttt~