Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Funday: Accumulation Station

Ah, I didn't get much accomplished this last week, did I? I spent the majority of it worrying about an assignment that I put off too long. @_@ (And it was only a rough draft, ffs.) That, and this weekend consisted of a wedding, mom time and World of Warcraft with the boyfriend. There aren't enough days in the week for all this stuff! But I figured I'd give you a run down on the posts I'm currently working on!

  • Siren Song Cosmetics - Distant Worlds Collection (That I've been sitting on for a billion years.)
  • Blooddrop - Misc Perfumes
  • Haus of Gloi - Misc General Catalog Perfumes
  • Aromaleigh - DIAVOLI Collection!
  • Shiro - Halloween Lip Swatches!

Plus orders I'm waiting on. (So I can eventually blog them!)

  • Hello Waffle - Alternate Universe and the 1000 Likes Collections
  • Blooddrop - Ajevie's Circle decants from the fall stuff!
  • Haus of Gloi - A few Candy Bowl Perfumes

I think that's everything. And I had such high hopes for my no-buy. ;_; Eh, it is what it isss. Anyway, I hope your weekend was a marvelous one!



  1. Shiro has/plans a Halloween lip collection??? :-oo

    1. Yep! They've done a Halloween collection based on The Nightmare Before Christmas for the past couple years, I believe. This is my first time giving it a try, though! There are lip products and eyeshadows both but I've just got plans for the lip products for now. :)

    2. Oh, I see! I will have to check it out. :) Thanks!