Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Funday: So Many Games

I smushed the case in my purse. >:(

So very little goddamn time.

It's Sunday, I'm hungover, and we're gonna talk about gaaaames! I'm hardly an avid gamer but I've been around and I know what I like. Today I'm going to ramble a bit about a few games that I've been playing/been meaning to play. (Because I'm laaaazy.)

Bravely Default! (This was a surprise Valentine's Gift!) This is basically the reincarnation of old Final Fantasy games - most likely Square Enix's response to complaints that the newer Final Fantasy games have deviated from the true 'soul' of the series. (Even though I still love them.) Bravely Default is a good ol' fashioned grinder for sure. There are so many job classes to find and level; it's nuts. The battle system is turn-based (my fave) but it does have some atypical elements that make it seem confusing at first. It's pretty easy to get the hang of after a short while though. The environments are freakin' stunning. The first time I entered a town I was blown away by how detailed and beautiful it was. The story's decent if a bit generic. Only one thing really bothers me - the voice overs. They are not good. At all. I'm considering switching it to Japanese dialog with English subtitles but I feel like I've come too far with these voices to just change everything. These are my struggles.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster! Oh boy! Final Fantasy X was the first console game I ever beat. And, as such, it is one of my favorites. When I heard they were remastering it I was so excited I could have barfed. I didn't. But I could have. Of course, it took years after I'd first heard of the update for it to actually be released. I was able to pick up the special edition that has a concept art booklet in the case and it is perfect. I have such a boner for concept art. (I mean, come on. Check out those sweet Fayth pieces and tell me you aren't completely enamored.) Of course, I'm an asshole and after all that excitement haven't been able to find any time to actually play them. I do plan on playing both (X and X-2) because unlike other people *ahem*wienerboyfriend*ahem* I've come to terms with the fact that FFX-2 is literally only fan service and I can enjoy it as it is. Long story short: These games, I like them. (Even if the English voices are pretty terrible for them too.)

Side note: I have the sample set of Siren Song Cosmetics' Distant Worlds collection based on FFX and have been meaning to blog it. u_u It's been sitting in my drafts folder for ages and just needs finished up! Expect it!

Guild Wars 2! Last but not least, an MMORPG! I love the idea of MMO's but there's one aspect that I can't get over - I'm a single player only type of gal. I'll play with the boyfran on occasion but I love, love, love to play on my own. Especially in MMO's when there's a big huge world to explore! Other people tend to ruin it. Not so much by being jerks but just by being weird and in my way, haha. I get past it though. My favorite part of MMO's? I love building my own characters - image and story both. Above I've shown my Norn Elementalist. She's a badass melee geomancer who'll get right up in your face and shove a boulder in it. (Her name is also perf but I'll keep that to myself. ;3) Unnnf, writing this was probably a good idea because now I'm getting that gaming itch. I'm loading up all the updates since I've fallen so far behind but I'm comin' for you, Tyria!

I'm happy to be doing these rambling Sunday Funday posts! It's a nice little way to push myself into doing new stuff/getting back to things I love. I have a few more already planned along with a schedule of regular posts! I maaayy have already fallen a bit behind being that I'd planned on posting my Haus of Gloi Fall review on Friday but ya'll should be expecting that either later tonight or tomorrow!

Here's to lazy Sundays full of good ol' vidya, pajamas, rest and recovery!


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