Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Small Sampling of Detrivore

Dat muted rainbow~

Today I've just got a few Detrivore samples to swatch and wave around for you! Something (fairly) short and simple. Most of these I received as my free samples in various Shiro orders. The only one I actually purchased was Scar, I believe!

*All swatches done over Too Faced Shadow Insurance in indoor, indirect natural light unless otherwise noted.*

Light matte tan base with subtle silvery flecks.

One for the neutral lovers out there! The silver sparkles are super subtle leaving this shade ultra work safe for those of you in very conservative environments.

Medium brown-toned satin taupe with silver flecks.

The silver flecks in Topiary are even more subtle than they were in Courtier! Or perhaps they're hidden behind the subtle sheen of the satin finish. Either way, this another perfectly work safe shade and gorgeously taupe to boot. (Who doesn't love taupe?)

Pale taupe with a violet shift.

Another taupe! I wouldn't call it a violet shift so much as a violet sheen throughout. It's super lovely and would be perfect for a light, smoky eye.

Lightly shimmery deep mauve.

The deepest Detrivore shade I have to show you not to mention the most shimmery! It's a gorgeous eggplant shade with some cool brown tones. This would make a stunning winged liner for the fall season. (And now I know what I'm doing with my make up tomorrow!)

Matte muted purpley-beige.

Heavy swatch over bare skin.
The first and only Detrivore blush I've tried! I apologize for the lack of a face swatch but my face never likes to cooperate. It blends out nice and warm on my cheeks and is quite subtle but can be built up a moderate amount. I dig it.

That's it! I haven't tried too much Detrivore but the eyeshadows I have tried are very nice. The blushes are calling out to me more, though. Beloved, Endearment, and Vow especially. (Though who wouldn't want to play around with Bluebeard!)

Until next time, kiddos!


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