Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Funday: The Reading List

Happy Sunday! Not so lazy this time around but I figured I'd give a rundown of a few books I've recently read/I'm currently reading/I've been meaning to get around to. If that makes sense.

First up I've got Lord Brocktree by Brian Jacques. I've been meaning to reread the Redwall series starting with this one. (I read a large chunk of them back in 6th grade.) The Redwall series is young adult fiction based on a world comprised of various talking animals and focusing primarily on Redwall Abbey. For something that can't help but be endlessly adorable (the way the moles talk is probably the cutest thing ever) there's still a lot of interesting adventure and action involved. Also, from what I remember, a realistic amount of violence. My favorite race in the series is for sure the badgers. They're the greatest.

Not too long ago I gave Catherine Valente a try and read Palimpsest. It's an strange and erotic fairy tale of sorts. I'm reminded of a much more surreal Tanith Lee. The book follows four strangers through real life and also as they make their way through the fantastical dream city of Palimpsest. Imagine rivers of cream, a forest of bamboo coffins, a living train and veterans with animal heads/limbs. It's weird as shit and I loved it. I've heard good things about Valente's novel Deathless so I might give that one a try soon.

John Updike is one of my favorite novelists and his Rabbit Novels are my favorite of his work. They follow Harry "Rabbit" Angstrom through various stages of his life taking a stop in four different decades. As far as I recall he's kind of a piece of shit but Updike has a way of writing shitty characters that you can't help but fall in love with. I'm hoping to give these a read again soon. (Or at least convince my sister to read them.)

Some nonfiction! Robert Wright's The Moral Animal (Tag line - Why We Are The Way We Are: The New Science of Evolutionary Psychology) is something I read a few months ago. Evolutionary Psychology is one of my absolute favorite subjects and if it's something you may be into then read this book, goddammit. It's written so fabulously - always interesting/never dry.

Lastly, I'm currently making my second way through Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy. If you ever saw the movie The Golden Compass then please forget everything about it because it is absolute garbage in comparison. A touching coming of age story in a fantasy setting, this story will make you feel all the feelings. Have you ever had a book make you feel so happy, like you're standing in a beam of sunlight or something? But could also crush all your dreams? Yeah, this series goes there. Prep yourselves. Cuz I know I am.

A quick and easy one after running around all weekend! I'm ready for second weekend, ya'll. @_@


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