Monday, September 8, 2014

Oops: An Update!

Somehow, I managed to fall off of the planet. School has started and, even though I'm only taking 1 three hour class, my equilibrium has proven itself to be the most fragile of wienies. But I'm slowly getting back on that academia bicycle and looking to get back into a normal routine. More than that - I'm working on a schedule for more regular and consistent posting! Like, writing shit down and everything. We'll see how that turns out. @_@ I have a few posts up my sleeve already. (Some from my swatch-fest back in... July.) It's just a matter of getting those fuckers finished.

As for my low/no-buy plans. I murdered them. I straight up dragged my budget into a dark back alley, shanked it and took all of it's belongings. Thank you, Hello Waffle sale. And now, to keep things from getting any worse, I'm writing up wishlists in order to sate my sparkle/fragrance lusts. Hopefully I can turn it around into something positive!

That's really all I've got! Figured I'd jump in quick to let you know I'm still alive.

Hopefully tomorrow: Another Hello Waffle post, goddammit!


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