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Hello Waffle and the Dangers of Flash Sales Part 3: The Snedronningen Collection

Long time, no see! Today's post is the third installment of the "Hello Waffle and the Dangers of Flash Sales" series: the Snedronningen collection! The story with this collection is similar to Hello Waffle's Persinette collection; originally based on Disney's Frozen and called The Wandering Oaken's Trading Post collection, it was changed to Snedronningen for copyright reasons. The names of the shadows also changed so I made sure to include the original names alongside the new ones for clarity's sake!

*All swatches are over Too Faced Glitter Glue in indoor, indirect early morning/late afternoon light.*

Bae (Fresh Lacquer)
Dark stormy copper with silver sparkle.

Bae is probably one of my favorites from this collection. A cool toned brown with silver shimmer, it also seems to have a bit of blue/green in it. I like this one as a one color eyeshadow look - all over the lid then blown out around the edges.

Chinese Puzzle (Coronation Day)
Green teal shimmer.

Another gorgeous color! The tones in the Snedronningen collection are much cooler than in the Persinette collection. I do tend to have problems using blue/teal shades without looking nuts but I think this would look good on the lower lash line with a smoky or neutral look.

Eternity (Eternal Winter)
Cool dark stormy gray with silver sparkle. 

Eternity is a cool toned grey but it's so highly metallic I'll just go ahead and say it's silver. I do like it but it doesn't really stand out to me that much.

Gerda (For the First Time in Forever)
Lively medium purple shimmer.

Gerda is a lovely light plum shade with a cool violet sheen bordering on being a duochrome. Quite pretty but is another one that just doesn't wow me.

Hobgoblin (The Love Experts)
Lively olive green with silver and green sparkle.

Hobgoblin! It has a really lovely olive base which I'm really into and the silver/green sparkle is really nice. The only thing that throws me off at all are the red/copper flakes that aren't listed in the description. They're kind of weird but I'm actually kind of diggin' it. It's different!

Kai (Hans)
Reddened copper with green, silver and gold sparkles.

A gorgeous fall shade! Not exactly a duochrome but depending on the lighting/how it's applied it goes from red to super copper. I think it'd pair nicely with Wastelands from the Persinette collection.

Magic Mirror (Arendelle)
Medium gray leaning purple with silver sparkle.

There's nothing prettier than a purple/grey eyeshadow~ Magic Mirror is actually pretty similar to Hello Waffle's COTM Whale Hello There (Which will be in my next Hello Waffle post!) but a darker version.

North Pole (Don't Let it Show)
Rich dark navy blue with a hint of teal and silver sparkle.

A gorgeous cobalt blue. I may have to try it out as winged liner soon!

Red Shoes (Anna)
Carnation magenta with green sparkle.

The green sparkle is a bit hard for me to detect but it's a pretty shadow nevertheless! This is another color that may actually make for a really interesting liner!

Snow Bees (Olaf)
White with silver shimmer that has a hint of orange sheen.

It looks soft enough to sleep in. ~_~

The orange sheen seems to just translate into a pale gold. I'm definitely okay with it. It's a lot like Pachelbel but more gold and similarly can be easily used as a highlight. 

Snow Queen (The Queen)
Rich purple shimmer.

Look at those shimmers! Look at 'em.

This is another favorite of mine from this collection! Umff, it's like a sexy, shimmery eggplant.

Snowflakes (Here I Stand)
Icy light blue with lots of silver sparkle.

A light, cool blue - Snowflakes is a really fitting name for it. It is a bit on the sheer side so it makes for a nice wash of color or blended around the edges of something more opaque.

Summertime (Hit in the Heart)
Light creamsicle orange with silver shimmer.

Creamsicle eyeshadows, creamsicle perfumes, I've even got a few creamsicle shades of lipstick. I can't have enough creamsicles in my life, you guys. It's impossible.

Roses of the Vale (Elsa)

In addition to eyeshadows - a lip balm! I was pretty excited since I'd never given Hello Waffle's balms a try before. Aaaaand once I got my package - no Roses of the Vale. I emailed Christine and she got back to me right away letting me know she'd have the balm out to me asap. She said sometimes she forgets the complete collection comes with the lip balm which I totally understand (and would probably do the same). It got to me fairly quickly (taking into account Canadian shipping) and without any melting which was a worry of mine. I did have a small issue with the tube itself though. It may have been due to the heat detaching the product from the threading but when I went to twist the product up the bottom sort of... twisted out instead. I've heard microwaving the tube a short time may fix it so I'll have to be giving that a try sooner or later.

As for the lip balm itself - I loved the minty smell. I know some people don't like peppermint lip products because they can aggravate sensitive lips but I love 'em. The product was fairly gritty which was a common complaint I've seen about HW balms and not as pigmented as I was expecting. The grits smooth out a little once applied and the texture is quite thin - I'm actually reminded of my YSL Sheer Candy Glossy Balm. Currently though, Christine has taken all of her lip balms down off of the site to work on a new formula which I think is for the best. I'm excited to see what she comes up with (based on all of her other lovely products) and I'm definitely rooting for her!

And there's the complete Snedronningen collection! Where the Persinette collection is warm tones and gold, this one's all cool tones and silver. I will say I prefer the Persinette collection as it feels a bit more cohesive but the Snedronningen collection has some absolutely lovely individual shades. I also love when indies include "extras" in their collections like the lip balm. Hoping to see more of that in the future!

I also apologize for my rather blasé descriptions. I've been feeling a tad uninspired and taking a Composition course has made me realize how shit my writing skills are. Well, it can only go up from here - until next time!


Psst~ Only one Hello Waffle Mega Post to go! Until I get my next order... Sorry wallet.

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