Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hello Waffle and the Dangers of Flash Sales Part 4: Miscellaneous Pretties

Finally! The Fourth and Final installment of "Hello Waffle and the Dangers of Flash Sales!" Of course, I say this completely straight-faced while a rather large and shameful Hello Waffle order is waiting to ship out my way (hopefully) any day now.

Today's post is all about the bits and bobs! GWP's and freebies! What have you and so forth.

First thing I'll start out with is Hello Waffle's 500 Likes Trio, a set containing a blush, an eyeshadow and a lip balm, which was released in celebration of the Facebook fan page reaching 500 likes! (Of course, now it's up to 1000 which prompted another collection release that I may or may have not already purchased.) This set was limited but it looks as though the blush was added to her permanent collection and the lip balm may make a comeback once Christine finishes her reformulation.

500 Likes Trio

All together now.

Matte warm lilac.

White balance - y u do this?
Over bare skin. Heavy/Light application.
Purple blush! It's a bit scary and very pigmented so be careful with this one! Blush application (especially that of loose blushes) is still a weakness of mine so working with this blush is a bit of a learning process. If you're a fan of bright blushes I would definitely recommend this one! Also, can I take a minute to point out how marvelous Hello Waffle's blush sifters are? I can actually get product outta these and I don't need to pop 'em out! 

This. Is. LAVENDAR!!
Sheer matte purple base with purple highlights, dusted with purple and blue sparks.

Over Too Faced Glitter Glue
This one's no longer available but I figured I'd include it for the sake of posterity, sorry! It's a nice medium purple with a good about of blue sparkle to it. It's not a color I use often but I'm happy to have it in my ever-growing Hello Waffle purple collection.

Lilac Mallow
A greyish pink-toned purple.

I love this color! Pale muted lilac - it's perfect. But once again the formula leaves much to be desired. Lilac Mallow is thicker and more pigmented than the Roses of the Vale balm but it's also much grittier. I'm definitely hoping to see a come back of this color in the future though!

When Christine released her blushes I made sure to pick up samples of the two highlighters because I want nothing more to glow like some sort of ethereal faerie creature. Realism.

White with a golden sheen.

Over bare skin.
Golden Veil is the perfect name for this highlighter. It's nice and sheer but give a pretty golden glow. It can build up to be quite powerful so I recommend a lighter hand if you're looking for something subtle.

Creamy white with lavender sheen. Ethereal.

Lavender Cream highlight with Likes Matte(r) blush. Bonus: Pores and and Eye bag.
I love highlighters but most of mine have golden or beige tones so a purple toned highlighter is a nice addition to my "angelic glow" arsenal. For those of you who want something cool toned - this is it.

From two separate orders: 4 eyeshadows and a blush!
Next up I have various Gifts With Purchase! Everyone loves a good freebie!

Vibrant green/blue with sparkles.

Rainforest is so gorgeous! Ugh, it's super saturated and vibrant and has a beautiful shine. It also makes for a fabulous liner. If you're into it (It would be weird if you weren't) it's still available in the Nature Duo along with Fusion.

Reddened purple shimmer.

This is another gorgeous one and I think it pairs so nicely with Rainforest. However, it is quite similar to Hello Waffle's Snow Queen from the Snedronningen collection so  you probably don't need both. (Who am I kidding - some of ya'll need both.) It is a touch darker and a bit warmer than Snow Queen for those of you who need some sort of justification. ;)

Dark coral with golden shimmer.

Over bare skin. Heavy/Light application.
Blush: Coral Silk / Lips: Shiro I Loved A Maid Custom Gloss / Eyes: Siren Song Eternal Calm + Darling Girl Sultry Siren
Blush: Coral Silk + Highlighter: Golden Veil

Coral Silk was a GWP included as a preview before the blushes were officially released. It's absolutely lovely. I do like matte/satin blushes but there's something about a blush with shimmer that just checks all my boxes. Also, who can say no to anything coral?

Dark grey, leans green with green and gold sparkles.

Part of Hello Waffle's Pets Duo this specific shade was inspired by Christine's cat Waffle. I don't see the green lean but I'm absolutely in love with the shimmers. Another color to use as a fantastic liner!

Soft peach with red highlights and sparkle in honour of his red collar that he looks dashing in.

The other half of the Pet Duo, Corgi Butts is inspired by Christine's corgi Remy. This one's fabulous for everyday. I'm also tempted to MacGyver  some sort of custom gloss from this eyeshadow because it would be perfection.

Next up are a few of the COTM that Christine generously included in my multiple orders instead of the regular free samples! Oh my goodness.

March into Spring - Mar '14 COTM
Deep mossy green with gold undertones.

March Into Spring is a super gorgeous golden green that (if your seasonally wary) will be perfect for, surprisingly, Fall. It reminds me a lot of a lighter/brighter version of Shiro's Burdened With Glorious Purpose. Also, I'm not sure if any of you noticed the label but it made me laugh~

Whale Hello There -Apr '14 COTM
Pale shimmery lilac, leans blue.

Everybody loves Whale Hello There! And who would blame them? It's glowy and beautiful. It's a lot like Shiro's Chinchillin' without the soft grey base.

Walternate - June '14 COTM
Warm silver with copper/brown sparks.

A complex taupe-ish grey/brown. This is a great "I'm feelin' too lazy to mess with more than one color" type of eyeshadow. Walternate is still available but Christine has revamped it and created a Walternate V.2 for her Alternate Realities collection. I ordered the pressed palette and will make sure to let you know how they compare!

And there it is! My (not so) final lump of all the Hello Waffle I've accumulated over the past several months! Whew, I broke quite the sweat I tell ya whut. Of course, I'm weak and there's more on the way but that should only lend credence to the quality/how generally marvelous Hello Waffle is. If you haven't given them a try yet then you're falling behind, kids. Get on it!



  1. I love the pictures of Coral Silk on your face, really gorgeous make-up, you look lovely! :)