Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Very Shiro Halloween

It's October and Halloween season is upon us! And in the indie world that means Halloween collections. [Insert hiss of delight here.] Shiro's Halloween collection, inspired by the movie 'Nightmare Before Christmas,' is rolling around again and Caitlin contacted me for more lip swatches so I happily obliged! She sent these to me quick as a cat around Sept 25th and happily I was able to get my swatches back to her in time for the launch! (I impress myself sometimes, derp.) I was quite excited since this is the first time I've played around with anything from Shiro's Halloween stuff! This year's lip products feature two glosses making their return from previous years and three tinted lip balms - new for this last go around! So let's take a look and kick on to the swatches! First up, the glosses:

Warm, shimmery, pumpkiny orange.

Forgive the dumbest face I've ever made.
This Is Halloween - an iconic name for a gorgeous gloss. It's almost opaque but not quite and it has the qualities of a liquid lipstick, applying niiiice and smoooth. The shimmers are subtle and the gloss itself leans a bit red. And the scent! Good lawd, the scent! Chocolate pumpkin cheesecake! It doesn't last too long once it's on the lips but it is intensely delicious and I need a cheesecake right now oh no.

Deep red/plum brown.

Sheer and dark, Something In The Wind can be a bit finicky but not nearly at the level of Red in My Ledger. It's not too brown which I'm happy about. The scent is nice - not too strong. A lovely autumn color that doesn't fall too vampy for those who aren't into that.

Then we have the new additions! Frogsbreath, Wormswort and Nightshade - ingredients from Sally's kitchen. The lip balms are labeled a bit like the jars in the movie which is super adorable and the range of colors goes from super wearable to... much less so. Let's dig in!

Sheer pretty nude, the color of cream with a dollop of coffee.

Frogsbreath is my absolute favorite from this collection. Probably my favorite out of all of Shiro's tinted balms, even! It's that good, you guys. It's not quite sheer and can build up to a light/moderate opacity. For my skin tone it's a perfect MLBD (my lips but deader) shade. The scent, sweet light bourbon, is a bit hard to discern from the french vanilla scent of the previous tinted balms but I still like it.

Bright poppy orange.

I didn't have the scent descriptions when I first tried these out but I could tell this one was pumpkin right away! Oh goodness, do I love pumpkin. Wormswort is a lovely sheer orange that seriously  makes your lips look juicy and plump as hell. I really love this.

Deep blue in the tube, applies quite sheer (will tint naturally red lips purple, or less pigmented lips indigo).

Sorry for the odd one-off. My lips weren't havin' it by the time I got to Nightshade so it had to wait 'til the next day~
If Frogsbreath is a MLBD than Nightshade is a MLBDD (my lips but definitely dead) shade. I love this so much. It can be a little difficult to get to apply evenly and the color has a tendency to gather but I don't expect a blue lip balm to be too low maintenance. The scent is listed as 'sweet melons and red licorice' but it came off as just generically sweet to me. Then again, maybe I'd be able to pick the scents out now that I know what they are.

Here's swatches of the balms on some tissue. For science.

Frogsbreath, Wormswort, Nightshade - Artsy~

I'm super happy to have been given the chance to play around/swatch these for Shiro! A few I love (almost inappropriately so) and the rest are not too far behind affection-wise. You can find the rest of the collection here, as well as some delightfully spoopy derps here. I need those Halloween spoops so bad. ;_; Also, the new COTM is up along with this year's graveyard blend Ghosts of Colors Past. All I can say is sorry, wallet. You're in for it now.



  1. These colours are all gorgeous! thanks for showing us, I'm definitely going to have to think about splurging on some new treats now.

    1. No problem! I'm glad I could provide some possible shopping inspiration. ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Aaaaand... I bought them. :D Am I weird for buying some of them because of their scent?

    2. Not weird at all! :D Did you see they have new scents for the custom glosses!? One permanent (French Vanilla) and three seasonal (Spiced Pumpkin, Pumpkin Cheesecake, and Cheese Cake Frosting). I'm suuuper tempted to try that frosting one!

    3. :D My order also includes two custom glosses: Heart Attack with Pumpkin Cheesecake scent and Little Bird with Cheesecake Frosting one. :D I would prefer a lemon scent for Sansa lip gloss, but because it's not an option, I picked the Halloween one. Wanted to try them all, but I thought Spiced Pumpkin will be the same as in Wormswort balm, so I didn't order any gloss with that scent.

      I'm super curious what those scents will be like, because I don't think you can get the yummies they're based on in my country. So I don't know what to expect. :D I hope they smell better than honey. I had ordered I Loved a Maid with honey scent and it smells more like blood with a slight honey flavour. A bit yucky. I suppose it's because of all the iron oxide, iron being in blood and all. Combined with honey flavour - weiiird...

    4. I just realized I typed Cheese Cake Frosting instead of Cream Cheese Frosting in my reply~ x_x I just can't get cheesecake off my mind it seems! Ah, a lemon scent for a Sansa gloss would be absolutely perfect! But frosting would work just as well for her sweet tooth, I think. :) And you're right about Spiced Pumpkin - Wormswort is probably exactly the same.

      No Cheescake!? Oh man, if you ever travel I suggest hunting it down. It's -divine-. (Or if you like to bake maybe finding a recipe!) I can guarantee that the Pumpkin Cheesecake scent is better than honey; honey is a real strange one. It's okay but yeah, with the oxide rich, opaque shades that'd be an unpleasant combination. :/

    5. Oh, I didn't express myself well. We do have cheesecake here, thanks to globalisation. It's not traditional, it's considered American, we don't even have a Czech name for it. But you can get it in most of the towns. I love cheesecake. :) However, I don't think I have ever seen a pumpkin one, just - you know - strawberry, chocolate etc. Pumpkin is not frequent in Czech cuisine.

    6. Haha, oh good! :) If you're ever in the mood to be absolutely surrounded by pumpkin then make your way over to the U.S. in the fall time - we put pumpkin in everything! Cookies, cheesecake, muffins, etc. But it's harder to come by any other time of year. Although, my grandma loves to make pumpkin bread all year round to keep my sisters and I nice and fat!

  3. Ok spill. How do you keep the color from attaching to lip dryness like a leech? Do you use a lip primer? I tried swatching these tonight, and the color all gathers to the dry patches I have.

    1. No primer - just bare lips, actually! I do try to moisturize my lips a lot. (Especially, if I'm going to be doing a lot of swatching!) If my lips seem flaky I just use a lip scrub real quick and that seems to be enough for me. But I see what you mean. If I don't prep a bit, Nightshade seems to be the worst when it comes to clinging to dry patches.