Saturday, October 11, 2014

Aromaleigh's Diavoli Collection: Part 2

I'm back with part two of Aromaleigh's Diavoli collection! Here's part one if you missed it!

Let's jump straight into swatches!

*All swatches over Too Faced Glitter Glue in various types of natural light.*

Ciriatto is a super intense duochrome shade- the base is a brown/mauve black plush matte, with a vivid color traveling duochrome that shifts from gold to chartreuse to green.

Oh man, these shifts just gave me a hell of a time trying to capture them. There were some angles where the green shift of Ciriatto was bright and acidic. And the gold shift appeared at odd angles - just out of the corner of your eye, it seemed. I can only capture so much - I'm not a magician!

In some lighting, it appears to have a deep taupe plush matte base. In other light, this base appears more grey. But what you can’t deny is the very strong blue to green to teal color traveling duochrome effect, which sometimes even appears a bit purplish at certain angles!

I looove this shade. The purple comes out best right under bright sunlight and fades back to that bright teal in indirect light. This one will make for another amazing liner!

Farfarello has a muted brownish/mauve plush matte base with a gorgeous metallic copper lowlight and a very strong red to violet color traveling duochrome effect.
A bit unassuming in the jar but then-

Farfarello is a pretty and extremely wearable shade. (To me, there's not much I'd considered unwearable but y'know.) This one would be easiest to get away with in a semi-strict office type setting. I also think it'll be especially beautiful on darker skin tones!

Graffiacane has a deep warm brown plush matte base with an intense color traveling duochrome effect that ranges from gold to chatreuse green.
I killed the label! D:

I didn't get as strong as a shift with Graffiacane as I did with a few of the others. The base is very prominent which I love. This will look perfect all over the lid with just lashes and a dark lip. A little bit nineties but with a glittery green edge!

That's all for today! The next batch is last five shades and should be coming in a few days - keep 'em peeled!

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  1. All these colors are gorgeous!! I have to say, Ciriatto is my favorite though!