Monday, October 13, 2014

Aromaleigh's Diavoli Collection: Part 3

And here we are! The last five shades of Aromaleigh's Diavoli collection! Here's Part 1 and Part 2 to catch you up. Let's get straight into it!

*All swatches are over Too Faced Glitter Glue under various types of natural light.*

Libicocco has a greyed violet plush matte base with metallic copper undertones and a strong copper to red to violet color-traveling duochrome effect.

Libicocco is like Farfarello's more exuberant older sister. The 'sexpot' to Farfarello's 'girl next door'. In direct sunlight the sparkles have an almost rainbow quality and it's just all together lovely.

Malacoda has a deep purplish taupe plush matte base with an intense color-traveling duochrome effect that ranges from copper to green to aqua. It’s extremely complex!

Would you like to live your life as an enchanted snake-person? Then Malacoda is the eyeshadow for  you! I can't get over the way it looks in direct sunlight - the aqua and copper sparkles are absolutely stunning.

Malebranche is a rich midtone copperish brown with slight metallic effects, and overlaid with a pale blue to silver duochrome effect. In different lighting, the duochrome can appear to blend with the base color, giving this shade a purplish lean.

Malebranche has less of a shift and more of a slight blue/silver shimmer running throughout. It's definitely a perfect rusty fall shade.

Rubicante is a muted rich red plush matte base with violet tones. It is overlaid with a strong duochrome effect which ranges from blue to violet.

The shift of Rubicante tricks the eye a bit, working with the violet tones to almost completely overtake the warm red base color. I don't know if this is a shade I'd wear too often. I wish it were lip safe - this would probably make a gorgeous custom gloss!

Scarmiglione is a muted midtone purplish grey taupe plush matte base with a very strong color traveling duochrome which ranges from vibrant gold to chartreuse.

I wasn't able to get the shift in Scarmiglione to show as strongly as I'd like - perhaps a different base would work better. However, I'm completely enamored with the base color. There's something about dusty mauve/purple shades that really tickle me. I may try this over MAC's paint pot in Stormy Pink. It'll be a match made in heaven, I'm sure!

And that's all of it! Again, I'm super happy to have been given the opportunity to swatch this collection and if you like what you see I recommend jumping on it sooner than later as it is limited edition. I'm not sure how long it'll be around but I assume at least through Halloween! This being the first of Aromaleigh that I've tried, I'm very impressed! I'm thinking sometime in the future I may give their Ignis Antiquita  or Okeanides collections a try. Definitely the Autism Acceptance Eyeshadows - not only do they look gorgeous but they're for fantastic causes! Aromaleigh also does Monday Deals where certain collections are discounted up to 50% so you know I'll be jumping on that for sure! Aaah, goodbye self control. Hellooo beautiful sparklies. 


P.S. ~ I do have my swatches for Shiro's Halloween eyeshadows done so be looking for those later this week! :)


  1. As always, everything is perfect ! I really love the first one, and the last one :D

    1. The last one is one of my favorites too! :)