Monday, October 6, 2014

Aromaleigh's Diavoli Collection: Part 1

Recently, the indie company Aromaleigh posted on reddit looking for some bloggers to swatch their new Halloween collection 'Diavoli.' Of course, I've been interested in trying Aromaleigh for a while and thought this would be a good opportunity to do so. I threw my hat into the ring and Carol from Aromaleigh sent me a sample set of Diavoli to swatch here on my blog!

'Diavoli' is Italian for 'devil' and inspiration for the collection comes from Dante's Inferno: each color (except Malebranche which is a collective term) represents one of the demons guarding the 5th Bolgia of the 8th circle of Hell. A perfect source of inspiration for a Halloween collection! I read Dante's Inferno back in my freshman year of high school but I may have to revisit it after this!

The shades in the collection are all described as "plush matte with strong color-traveling duochrome" and let me tell you, these eyeshadows have been a complete bitch to photograph - and I say that with all the love in my heart. Almost every single one of the shades is just too complex to appreciate in any way other than first-person. But dammit, I've done my best. It's still an ongoing process but I have four of the thirteen shades here for you today! Alichino, Barbariccia, Cagnazzo and Calcabrina! Aromaleigh suggests using these shadows over cream bases but I stuck with glitter glue for these swatches as I'm stubborn and stuck in my ways. These photos were taken in a few types of light - indoor, indirect light; direct sunlight; indoor, ambient overcast light. Let's jump into the resulting swatches!

Alichino is a muted greyed warm green plush matte base that sometimes appears more blue grey. It has a strong color traveling duochrome effect which ranges from red to orange to gold.

Without some sort of primer you get a lot more of the plush matte base you see in the pigment photo. (That goes for all of these eyeshadows, btw.) As always, some sort of sticky base is necessary to get all that gorgeous duochrome. To me, Alichino's shift runs from gold to reddish purple. The purple is the most dominant with the gold peaking out at certain angles. This is the first color I swatched and at first I didn't see any gold. I moved from one room to another and BAM. This stuff is like magic. I'm sure I looked insane just wondering from room to room wiggling my arm around but this is the life I've chosen for myself. No regerts.

Barbariccia has a muted/greyed dark brown/green "breen" plush matte base that appears more greenish in sunlight and more brownish under indoor lighting. This color has an intense multichromatic pigment effect which can show gold to red to green iridescence.

Barbariccia is gorgeous. I found the base photographed more brown in direct sunlight and more green in indirect light despite the description but I just can't get over that bright green shift! I wore this today with a cream base and a touch of glitter glue and the strangest thing happened when I was applying it. Sitting at my vanity with my daylight lamp on and staring into my little stand mirror the red shift came out very strongly but when I looked up into my vanity mirror it was green. Two different colors and I wasn't even wriggling about at all. Witchcraft.

Cagnazzo has a deep purplish black plush matte base that flashes magenta in certain lighting conditions. This is accented by a strong violet to aqua color traveling mulitchromatic effect.
You can see Calcabrina sparkling there at the top! Sneaky bastard.

Cagnazzo's shift isn't as strong as the other shadows. It has a more subtle blue sheen/sparkle that shifts to violet at certain angles. I'm liking the blackened plum base - I think this shade would make a really interesting eyeliner.

Calcabrina is an intense duochrome shade- the base is a very deep brown/violet plush matte, with a vivid color traveling teal/blue multichromatic pigment.

Oh gawd, you guys. I'm running out of things to say for these shadows already other than "OMGHOW." The blue shift of Calcabrina is strong but so very hard to catch (See it's cameo in one of the shots of Cagnazzo) - at least with this base. I may see how this performs over a dark cream base. This is another shade I'm itching to try as a winged liner. 

There's the first four! Only nine left to go! Look out for those posts in the near future~


  1. Oh, they all look gorgeous and really plush!

    1. They're lovely! I've definitely never used anything quite like them~

    2. Pity that shipping to Czech Republic looks quite complicated and expensive... :( (but at least it's possible).

    3. Ah poo. :(

      Maybe if you ever run out of other indies to try! ;) (Which is probably impossible, haha.)

  2. Your swatches are gorgeous, and thank you for your review! So excited to see the rest of the colors!

    1. Oh yay! I'm so glad that you like the swatches! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try them! They're absolutely stunning. :)