Monday, June 23, 2014

Shiro COTM Clear Out!

Seeing as my Indie obsession isn't quite a year old just yet, this month marks my very first Shiro COTM clear out! Shiro's COTM year runs from July to the following June. In June all current COTM eyeshsadows are sold off and the year starts over fresh with the old eyeshadows forever gone but not forgotten. Luckily this year Caitlin's brought back a couple colors from the previous year that were around before my time!

I'll start off with the High Scores (best sellers from previous years) that I picked up - Moon Prism Power and TARDIS! (I already have Nic Cage Raking Leaves hidden around somewhere and now I feel like a dick for not swatching/including it.) I mostly plopped these in my cart because I wasn't sure if they'd still be around after the fact but according to Shiro's Facebook page the old High Score's will be sticking around and three more from the current line up will be joining the ranks.

Let's get on to swatches! (All over Too Faced Glitter Glue.)

Moon Prism Power - Sept '12 COTM (High Score)
Extremely difficult to photograph - pale, lightly pinkish cream base with a strong opalescent green shift and bright golden sparkle.

I put off buying Moon Prism Power for far too long! A bit unassuming in the jar, it's so beautiful once applied. It's very sheer so it'll make a very lovely highlight. As I was going through my swatch photos I noticed that it's super similar to Femme Fatale's Moonrest which I swatched in this post here. I'd say they make fairly decent dupes of each other just in case you were lusting after one or the other or both! (P.S. - From what I've seen on reddit this shade also makes a lovely custom gloss!)

TARDIS - Nov '12 COTM (High Score)
Light shimmery royal blue with bright purple and green sparkles.

TARDIS from afar seems like you're average medium blue shade but those green and purple sparkles add a bit of really nice dimension. This will be nice paired with a deeper navy eyeshadow for a blue smoky eye.

Next up we have a couple 'back from the dead' shades! Due to popular demand It's Gonna Be May and Dammit, Moon Moon made a reappearance this year which is awesome because I was lusting after It's Gonna Be May hard. You'll see why.

It's Gonna Be May - May '13 COTM
Medium, slightly greyed blue, with very strong copper duochrome and sparkle.

The hair is saying "Ramen Noodles" but the eyes are hungry for your soul. 

Hnnngggg, look at how sexual this eyeshadow is. Look at it. It's dusty purple-blue with red/copper/gold/magic added in. I'm wearing it today and every time I pass by a slightly shiny surface I have to pause and gaze lovingly at my reflection. And caress it. Just a little.

Dammit, Moon Moon - June '13 COTM
Medium red-toned purple packed with gold glitter.

As a quick aside - Dammit, Moon Moon photographed a bit more red than it is in person. I'm still figuring out my lighting situation! It's an ongoing battle. (Also, here's a potato quality comparison I did with Laura Mercier's African Violet.)

Dammit, Moon Moon is gorgeous and buttery but not as unique as I was hoping it would be. In a sea of indie purples it takes a lot to stand out. Not that I don't love Dammit, Moon Moon! It just reminds me of a lot of other purples in my collection. Perhaps there's an 'All Things Purple' post in my near future~

Moving on to current COTM shadows!

Augustus Waters - Aug '13 COTM
Vibrant turquoise packed with golden and aqua sparkle.

This shadow is a mermaid's dream. Uhgg, it's so pretty. I may have to try this out as a liner -  it looks like it'll be perfect for summer. As for the theme - I actually haven't read/seen The Fault in Our Stars yet but I've been meaning to and I feel bad about it, haha. (I tend to be more of an epic fantasy/Chuck Palahniuk type of gal.)

Up All Night To Get Loki - Jan '14 COTM
Olive green with silver shimmer.

I love this. I wasn't terribly tempted to buy it when it was first released back in January because, honestly, the color bored me a bit. Swatches really didn't do it any justice. The silver shimmer is very subtle and understated. It's not in your face like a lot of Shiro's other COTM shadows. Instead, Up All Night To Get Loki flies a bit under the radar and now that I can play with it in person I can appreciate it a bit more.

I Tried - Feb '14 COTM
That gorgeous rose-gold that everyone's been wanting!

It's somewhat sideways but it's only a doughnut sooo...

Another gorgeous one! I wouldn't call is rose-gold though. Rose-copper perhaps? That seems a bit more accurate. It's super metallic and super pigmented. LAHV IT.

Jareth's Tight Pants - Mar '14 COTM
A dove-grey color worthy of the Goblin King, scattered with scandalous white sparkle.

It's like a sparkly storm cloud.

Jareth's Tight Pants is a bit more sheer and has a very soft matte base. I love the smattering of sparkles - it's very delicate. This will be a nice shadow to wear blended all over the lid on those Brows and Lashes type of days.

Chinchillin' - June '14 COTM
Velvety heather grey with strong purple duochrome and sparkle.

Strong duochrome is right! That purple sheen is in your face no matter which direction you're going with it. I think blending it out over a regular base would quiet down the duochrome a bit for something more office-passable but still with a kick. Also, chinchillas are kewt AF.

Finally, as I now own all three, here's a quick comparison of Doge, I Tried, and Still No Oscar for Leo DiCaprio. (As I've seen the three come up in many an indie makeup conversation.)

Top: I Tried; Bottom L-R: Doge, Still No Oscar for Leo DiCaprio
Same as above.
Doge, Still No Oscar for Leo DiCaprio, I Tried

So there you have it! I now (shamefully?) possess all available Shiro COTM eyeshadows. Achievement unlocked. Here are links to my swatches of the rest of them:

  • Butts, Yzma's Essence of Llama, What Does the Fox Say?, Doge, Bowties Are Cool and You Snow Nothing can be found here.
  • Still No Oscar for Leo DiCaprio is hidden away somewhere in this monster post.
  • Plausible Walrus and The Fourth Be With You are swatched in this post.

Overall, I'm terribly pleased with almost every single shadow and am looking forward to what Shiro comes up with this next year!


P.S. - I'm still figuring out the best way to swatch! I'm trying to be more efficient as I have very little time during the week to do anything but without losing (and hopefully gaining!) quality so if you have any suggestions or constructive criticisms just let me know!


  1. Man, Chinchillin is such a beautiful shade! All of these are stunning, really!

    1. Shiro never fails to impress! I'm wearing Chinchillin' today and it's so lovely I just want to stare at it instead of doing my job~

  2. Wow, I didn't think that I would need Chinchillin', but it looks so much better here (and in other pics I found online) than in pictures on the e-shop. It looks like I will have to make a small June order after all. Chinchillin', Dammit Moon Moon, and lip glosses Plausible Walrus and I Loved a Maid.

    1. The best/worst thing about the Indie Makeup community is we're constantly enabling each other~ @_@

      I hope you love everything you order!