Sunday, June 1, 2014

Femme Fatale's Post-Apocalyptic Collection - Part 3 of 3

WARNING: The number of pictures here may frighten you.

Here we are! Continuing on from Part 2 here! Next we'll take a look at the blushes. Each of which, I can only guess, is based on our dear beloved Flame Princess.

Jar sizes for comparison: Blush, Full Eyeshadow, Mini Eyeshadow Sample
Burning Low, Hot to the Touch, Heat Signature. All swatched over bare skin.

A vibrant orange blush with slight coral tones and orange-gold shimmer.

Burning Low looks a tad bright and scary in the jar but actually applies very sheer initially. The color can be built up for cheeks as orange as you'd like but the real stand out for this blush is the amazing gold shimmer. If you're a matte blush only type of gal then Burning Low is not for you. Blending the blush out really pulls that shimmer to the surface. It's like a blush and highlight all at once!

A gorgeous coral blush with a hint of rose and apricot tones and complimenting golden shimmer.

Hot to the Touch is a very toned down and rosier version of Burning Low. It applies very sheerly and takes a bit to build up. The shimmer is there but it's very subtle. I love this as an every day sort of blush. I will say, I hate the sifter. I can't get enough pigment to come out of those three tiny holes and with a blush that is quite sheer it just doesn't work for me. I popped the sifter out of this one. No shame!

A hot pink blush with sparkles.

Heat signature is another scary blush but is much more tame than it appears in the jar. It applies fairly sheer and it would take quite a bit of building to get it anywhere close to that blue based hot pink it starts off as. I would say it's mostly matte with very subtle pink shimmers. Much more everyday than what one would initially think.

Next up we've got samples! I was super impressed with the amount of samples I received but maybe it's not such a great thing because now I need them allll. Femme Fatale, why you do this?! Let's jump on into those sweet sweet sample swatches. (All over Too Faced Glitter Glue.)

Sample baggies and a mini jar!
Full sized eyeshadow verses the mini for comparison.

A medium toned purple with a stunning colour shifting shimmer which alternates between a complimentary purple and a sea green depending on the angle of light.

I love this shadow but have the same problem with it that I did with The Art of Peacocking. I just can't seem to find that green shimmer. My camera picked it up a tad but I'll definitely be playing with bases to see if I can't get that shit to the surface. Exorcism is absolutely gorgeous in the jar so I believe it's got potential.

Baggie Sample Swatches!

Bone Dust, Moonrest, Emerald Dream, Poison, Frozen Flame, Ochre Poppies

Bone Dust from the Spoils of Mischief Collection
A pale taupe with coppery pink shimmer and sparks.

This shadow is gorgeous. I don't know anyone who doesn't love a good taupe. And the pink shimmer/sparkles just make it that much more amazing. It kind of falls along the same lines as Shiro's No Men Like Me. It's matte but also so much more. I neeed this.

A super pale ivory/cream with pink sparks and a slight green shimmer at an angle to the light.

Moonrest is love. Moonrest is life. But seriously, look at that sheen. I can't get over it. It's pinkish, it's greenish and I think it'll make a beautiful inner corner hightlight.

Emerald Dream from the Mistress of Dreams Collection
A bright paris green bordering on teal with a very subtle golden green shine.

Emerald Dream is so much prettier in real life than my photos would suggest. It had the most amazing gold sheen and I'm absolutely in love. Plus, you know, WOW references and all. It's perfect.

A vivid chartreuse green with soft yellow tones and a scattering of yellow shimmer. 

My first chartreuse shadow! Very simple and pretty. I may try wearing this as a pop of color along the lower lash line.

A pale amber orange with peachy tones, highlighted by a subtle blue shimmer.

This is another gorgeous sample. I knew I'd love it just looking at the bag. It's not a crazy strong duochrome which I like because it doesn't overpower the base color but it's enough to be obvious.

A dense, solid brick red with slight purple tones and soft violet/blue shimmer.

I can't see myself wearing Ochre Poppies all over my lid but I think it'll make a gorgeous liner or incorporated into a dark sultry smoky eye. I'll play around with it a bit.

I'm extremely happy with everything I received! The Post-Apocalyptic Collection is super fun and all the samples were just icing on the cake. There is only one complaint that I have. These jars, man. I take the sifters out of all my eyeshadow jars because they just annoy me and get in my way so when I placed my order I chose the 'no sifters' option. This was a mistake. Although all the jars were shrink wrapped (Which I very much appreciate!) there was still a bit of leaking. The eyeshadow worked up into the threads of the jars making opening each one a bit of a mess. Thankfully there wasn't much lost but it was a bit of an annoyance. What really struck me as odd was that about 1/3 of the jars had an indented/different sort of lid then the rest of the jars. The indented lids were the ones that gave me the greatest issue. It's like they don't quite fit which makes the leaking worse with these jars.

Different lids.
Soul Stone was the worst off. :(

I'll definitely be making future purchases from Femme Fatale but I will be sticking with sifters (at least until they arrive safely) from here on out. I'm very excited to do some more playing around with these shadows and over all I'm very happy with my order!



  1. Haha, it's me again ! I love so much your articles that I HAVE to put a comment for all of them ! Emerlad Green and Exorcist are perfect <3

    Will you post photos of make-up using all of these awesome eye shadows ? I'm curious to see how it looks on eyes :)

    (once again, I hope I'm clear about what I'm trying to say :/)

    1. Haha, hello once more! I'll for sure try to get some looks/photos together! :3

      No worries, you're being very clear. :) Thank you for all of your lovely comments!

    2. I can wait to see the future looks :) !

      I may seems a little bit weird because i drown you under a flow of comments x)

    3. Haha, I don't mind at all! :)

  2. awesome blog :) loved all the post apocalyptic swatches x