Monday, June 30, 2014

Accumulation Station and the Great July No-Buy

I feel like I neglect this blog terribly so I figured I'd pop in for a quick update and perhaps give you a brief glimpse into the future!

Having lived in my apartment for about 6-7 months, I suppose it's time to finally try and fill it with furniture as opposed to stacks of boxes. You know, like an adult would. Of course, this will put a bit of a strain on my finances so I figured I'd do my very first, big girl, no-buy through the month of July. (Or extreme low-buy because... c'mon.) Will I struggle? Yes. Will you? Not at all. I have accumulated so much stuff that I could go on a no-buy for months and never want for things to swatch. I may be able to pound out most of my planned posts this next month however because guess who's got a week long staycation coming up~ This bitch here! Ooohh yes. So, besides furniture shopping and so much day drinking, I will hopefully be swatching/blogging like a madwoman. So look forward to:

  • Siren Song Cosmetic's Distant Worlds Collection
  • Shiro Cosmetic's The Avengers Collection
  • A Mega Haul from Hello Waffle consisting of 3 whole collections and various extras!
  • A handful of samples from Limnit Lipsticks Grand Reopening (Depending on when they're delivered.)
  • Various Darling Girl petits that have been sitting here unswatched forever.
  • My Pretty Zombie Blush Samples (Also forever neglected.)
  • Shiro's Tributes and Seven Kingdom Collections (I've had these for a while but they deserve time in the spotlight.)

I also have a few collection-centric lookbooks in the works so hopefully those pan out! Scanning over everything, perhaps I'm biting off more than I can chew but my goal is to get as many of these posts done as possible. Weather permitting, of course. Seriously, it's like monsoon season here in the great Midwest and it's been dark and stormy every freakin' day. However it works out I hope I don't disappoint!


But if I end up spending the whole month playing Bravely Default... No regrets.


  1. Thanks for the update! I will look forward to new articles. :) Good luck with furnishing your apartment!

  2. So excited for the Limnit Lipsticks post! The colours look so interesting, especially the more unconventional ones like Goodness Graycious.

    1. I'm excited to give them a try! I made sure to pick up a mix of the more conventional colors along with a few of the stranger ones - including Goodness Graycious! ;D

  3. I can wait for new articles ! :D

    I also read the Bravely Default part of your article, and I'm so excited to see that you are playing that awesome game ! I'm currently playing it, and I can't stay away for my 3DS for long time because it's so catchy and I want to get all the different jobs for my characters :D

    (Yes, make up and video games are a HUGE part of my daily life :D)

    1. I've had it for so long - it takes me forever to play games! I just spent a week grinding for job levels which was so boring yet super satisfying. @_@ It's so nice to know some one else who enjoys it!

      Haha, makeup and video games are two of my favorite things! ;D

    2. Haha, I'm so glad to see that we have things in common :D Instead of cleaning my room and wash dishes, I prefer to play Bravely Default and apply make-up all over my face first... I don't know if I have to be proud of that or not !

      Some of the boss(es?) of the game are super hard to kill, and I'm so frustated because I can't get their jobs before I level up my characters u_u I'm happy to talk about this game with somebody because my friends don't even know it !

    3. Some of those bosses are nuts! Have you gotten to the Fire Crystal yet? That was a rough spot. x_x

      Most of my friends play video games but we all usually play different ones so we can't really talk about them, lol. Diversity is the spice of life I suppose!

    4. I'm stuck against the Land turtle (Chap.2), I'm so ashamed u__u I'm trying to gain levels for my characters before face it again !

    5. No need for shame! I've had the game since February (It was a Valentine's gift~) and I'm still nowhere close to beating it! Personally, I like to take time and over level so I can turn of encounters and breeze through everything. Of course, that only works until I get stuck again and have to turn encounters back on and go grind some more. But it's what I like to do. :P

    6. Haha that's exactly how I play too :D ! I don't want to rush the game, I try to enjoy every minute of playing, event if it's when I'm stuck against stronger ennemies u_u