Sunday, July 13, 2014

Baby's first Limnit Lipsticks!

Welcome to the first installment of "Here are all the photos I took during my week off from work!" Seriously, it's most of what I got accomplished this week and I think I ripped off layers of skin with all the tape I used for swatches. I do it outta love.

Today I'm bringing you a post I'm pretty excited about - my first Limnit Lipsticks!

Not too long ago there was quite a buzz going around r/indimakeupandmore about Limnit Lipsticks reopening. This was a company I didn't know too much about but the excitement rubbed off on me and I couldn't resist picking up a few things once they were back in business. The color selection itself is amazing - a good mix of off-the-wall colors along with more normal shades. I made sure to pick up a good variety. (All sample sizes right before my no-buy because I'm responsible!)

Don't mind the ratchet nail, you guys.

My order took a little while to ship but I wasn't too concerned being that's expected during re-openings/large sales. The shipping itself was quick and everything was packaged well. What I found most impressive was the business card - quite large with a cute display of all the lipsticks shades on the front and helpful tips and tricks on the back. Definitely a nice touch. But on to swatches!

A slightly cool medium "greige" (gray with a hint of brown, this color pairs well with any medium/dark colors or can be used as a bold contrast against pastels.

New shelves in the background! Oh yeah~

Goodness Graycious was the first thing I tossed in my cart! A lot of the reddit buzz centered on this lovely neutral gray and if there's something I can't say no to, it's a gorgeous gray lip. I am nowhere near disappointed with this one. It's creamy, pigmented and applies like a dream. If you want a statement lip that won't draw too many strange looks I would definitely suggest this lipstick. 

Flower Maze is a slightly muted shade of blue that lies somewhere between cornflower and periwinkle.

Another unconventional shade! While not being quite as pigmented as the other colors I chose, it builds up really nicely. Flower Maze will probably work a bit better with some sort of lip primer or a clear lip liner used as a base. However, it performs so much better than one would expect from a pastel blueish shade. I'll be playing a lot with this one!

This slightly-cool pinky purple hue will add just a touch of whimsy to any look!

Believe it or not, I threw Castle in the Sky into my cart as a bit of an after thought. Partly because it looked nice but mostly because of the Miyazaki movie. Turns out it ended up as one of my favorites! The color itself is unconventional without being outlandish and the coverage is fabulous. Ugh, there's just something about this color that I can't get over. To all of my pale brethren - you need this.

A medium, vibrant brick red, Ms. President is all you need to complete a polished look.

Ms. President is a lovely everyday "I'm an adult and I pay taxes" sort of color. A powerful, work appropriate red without falling into the power red territory.

League of My Own is a medium, more green-than-blue teal inspired by the sea.

Teal lipstick? Yes please! Another color that takes a bit more building up but is lovely just the same. I'm thinking this would make for some bombin' ombre lips. Just imagine it!

A bright and bold orange-red, similar to the skin of a ripe pumpkin, Punkin' will give you a dash of intensity while still being wearable from 9 to 5.

I'm running out of ways to say awesome, creamy and pigmented so I'll just let the swatch speak for itself. (Though the Punkin'/Punk'in thing is bothering me just a tad.)

A slightly warm, deep purple, Abracadabra is a nice pop of color to pair with neutrals or similarly deep shades. 

Last but not least - Abracadabra! I deep purple shade that's a bit edgy without being too vampy. This is the only shade I've worn for an extended period of time just yet. It lasted for a while but did not make it through dinner very well at all. (Granted, it was a voraciously consumed plate of pasta at Olive Garden.) However, what was left around the edges of my lips wiped off with ease without leaving any odd staining.

Overall, I'm super happy with my first order from Limnit Lipsticks! Everything was creamy, pigmented and wore very comfortably. I've seen swatches of a few of their other shades that look marvelous (Olly Olly Oxen Free please!) but I'm a girl who can control herself through a no-buy... Hopefully.


P.S. - Please forgive my appearance in the full face swatches - I hadn't combed my hair yet that day! Also, be on the look out for more posts because I've got, like, 13 more of these puppies just waiting to be finished, polished and posted.

You've been warned.


  1. I love both reds, they look super lovely! And I am not much into crazy lip colors, but the Goodness Graycious really caught my eye... I think I could give it a try. :)

    1. Punkin' is actually a bit more orange in person but it's lovely all the same. :) I would definitely recommend Goodness Graycious! It's surprisingly wearable!

  2. You're gorgeous! They all look so beautiful on you, but I like Ms. President best :)

  3. Thank you so much for sharing, Mollie! I really appreciate you taking the time to snap pictures and write your thoughts :). I'm glad you've had fun with them so far! - Trina

    1. Not a problem! Thank -you- for making such lovely products! :)

  4. Love the swatches! I am pale, and I also love Castle in the Sky. Might have to pick it up some time.

  5. I think I definitely need Goodness Graycious in my life. Punny names are the best and the grey-brown is so unique. The full-face swatches are great, by the way- it's good to see how it looks against your skintone (I'm super pale too) for buying reference.

    1. I don't think you can go wrong with Goodness Graycious! If you search for other people's swatches literally everybody looks fabulous in it. It's riiiiidiculous.