Sunday, July 20, 2014

An Oldie but a Goodie: Shiro's Tributes Collection

In the quest to keep me sane during my no-buy I've decided to do a few posts highlighting some of the "older" parts of my vast makeup hoard. So today I'm bringing you Shiro's Tributes collection which is based on Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games novels! Fun fact: this full collection was the first purchase I ever made with Shiro. I'm an 'all or nothing' sorta gal.

I didn't read the Hunger Games trilogy until right before the first movie came out. (I can't normally handle watching movies based on books before I've read them.) I'm absolutely enamored with the premise of the Hunger Games but I feel like the books could have been executed a bit more thoughtfully. Seriously, Mockingjay dragged on until you got to the interesting stuff than rushed right though it. As for the movies, the first was alright but the second one rocked all of my socks in just the right way. Doesn't hurt that Jennifer Lawrence is my lady-husband but that's besides the point.

But we're here to discuss makeup, not literature!

*All eyeshadow swatches are over Too Faced Glitter Glue in indoor, indirect afternoon light.*

Shimmery light golden brown with blue sparks.

If I had to choose my top 10 Shiro eyeshadows, Baker's Boy would be in that group without a doubt. It's a gorgeous light metallic nude/bronze with blue sparkles and is perfect for an easy, everyday sort of look. I've also got this as a custom gloss that I talk a bit about in this post here. As a gloss, it's surprisingly wearable! Also, Team Peeta all day, err'day.

Shimmery forest green with subtle brown-gold tones.

A gorgeous green that pairs well with pretty much every variety of gold and brown!

Bright, bold yellow with strong golden shimmer.

Hey, people who directed the Hunger Games, what color do you think a golden cornucopia is supposed to be? Yeah, that's what I thought. Thanks for gettin' this one right Shiro.

Bubbly purple-toned magenta.

Here's a pretty eyeshadow for our dear, sweet Effie Trinket. Something that would be easy to wear in the Capital - it's a bit harder to find a way to wear it to work. But damn if I don't try.

Bright, hot, shimmery orange with golden sparks.

Hot is the perfect way to describe this. In fact, it reminds of a more pigmented, eyeshadow version of Femme Fatale's blush in Burning Low. (Swatched in this post.) Which gives me some grand ideas for a 'Girl on Fire' themed look. Oh my.

Shimmering silver with a slight greenish cast and bright silver sparks.

Silver for Katniss' bow! There's a very slight green cast but I have the hardest time detecting it.

Metallic brown-copper-bronze.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous~ This pairs perfectly with Shiro's Climbing Chaos. (I have a Seven Kingdoms collection post coming soon!) Super rich and pigmented, I honestly don't give it enough love.

Deep blue-black with green and purple shimmer.

Super deep and dark, the shimmers are very fine which I love. This is another eyeshadow that I also have as a custom gloss which you can see in the link I posted for my Baker's Boy gloss!

Shimmery gold-bronze with purple sparks.

Another shadow in this collection to fall into the gold/bronze family. I am completely okay with this. Nobody can have enough of 'em in their lives plus I think the purple sparkles give Remake a unique edge.

Blackened coppery-brown.

Star-Crossed is another favorite of mine from this collection! If we're talkin' collection-centric looks, I like to pop Beyond the Fence all over the lid, some Cornucopia in the inner corner and Star-Crossed in the outer corner/into the crease to give the look some nice depth. The perfect trio~ I feel like this'll also pair well with Shiro's Burdened with Glorious Purpose.

Hot pink-toned shimmery red with bright red sparks.

Look at them gold sparkles, unnnff.

Soft petal pink with green and gold sparks.

Wildflowers is a super pretty, girly, sparkly pink. It's difficult to pick out the gold and green sparkle - I'd say more it's more like fine shimmer. I still love it though. I'll usually pair it with my Maybelline Color Tattoo in Inked in Pink for extra glittery pinkness.

There you have it! It's not the most complicated of collections but it does have sooo many easy to use, everyday sort of eyeshadows. A perfect balance of neutrals, some brights and a couple darker shades, I think the Tributes collection is probably the perfect place to start for those just getting interested in indie cosmetics. Or any of ya'll who are Hunger Games obsessed. No judgment, it happens.



  1. Do you think Unforgettable would make a nice lipgloss?

    1. Definitely! I've seen it in a few posts on reddit and it makes a really nice, metallic pink-toned red gloss.

      A lot of people have been working on putting together a Shiro Custom Gloss spreadsheet - there should be some swatches posted there. Here's the link! Hope that helps!

    2. Wow, thanks! *goes to procrastinate by browsing the spreadsheet* :D