Monday, April 28, 2014

So Much Shiro - Part 1 of 2!

WARNING: This post is crazy photo heavy! (I'm so sorry.)

Shiro Cosmetics recently revamped their website. Those of you familiar with Shiro (literally everyone) will know that their old website was probably one of the most pleasant and easiest indie shops to navigate. Now, after the revamp, it's the most beautiful shopping experience a girl could ask for. Top o' the top. Of course, when I saw it, I immediately placed an order. And when I say 'placed an order' I mean 'gave up food for a week'. (Not really, but you get it.)

Order placed:
  • Miyazaki Lip Tints (Full Set)
  • Still No Oscar for Leo DiCaprio
  • Custom Glosses:
    • Baker's Boy (Moderate)
    • Master of Whispers (Opaque)
    • I Loved A Maid (Opaque)
    • Rebellion (Opaque)
    • Second Kira (Opaque)
  • Detrivore Embalming Tube in Creme de Menthe

Now for Cool Story Time! Not too long after I placed this order Shiro's own Caitlin contacted me and asked if I'd like to provide lip swatches for her website. I'm not ashamed to say that this is probably the most exciting event in my entire life - something I'll tell my future grandchildren about. I, of course, jumped at the opportunity. So along with my order I received Shiro's full Cages Through the Ages collection and the Red Wedding Gloss for swatching purposes.

So, without further ado, we'll move on to the fun stuff!

We'll start with an example of my face without any sort of lip product. Y'know, for reference reasons.

Hello there.
Bare Lip!
As you can see, my lips aren't terribly pigmented which makes for a decent time swatching. (They are, however, cursed with godawful dryness.)

We're very excited to launch our brand new lip balm formula with this series of Miyazaki-inspired tints! Our greatly improved balm formulation is moisturizing and will never go grainy. Each balm provides a sheer wash of color with a slick, lightly glossy finish. Flavored with delicious French Vanilla, and features minimalistic label art by Caitlin!

These lip balms replaced Shiro's nixed Intertubes. I've never tried any of the Intertubes (I may pick some up in the sale however.) so I can't compare the two. I find that the Miyazaki tints aren't particularly moisturizing for me but very few things are. Other people may have more success with them in that regard. Although I've heard mixed opinions, I love love love the way these smell! It's not terribly strong and it doesn't stick around too long after application for those of you who may not be into scented lip products.

Also, Miyazaki movies are perfection in every way so there's that. I can't get over how cute the art for these are!

It's Called Love; Come Out, Come Out; A Girl And A Cat; With Eyes Unclouded; Who Swallowed A Star

Deep purple in the tube, applies as a medium-sheer berry.

As you can see Shiro's description of A Girl And A Cat is spot on. It can be a little intimidating in the tube but goes on very sheer. It can be worn a bit sheerer than my swatch but this is about as opaque as it'll get. The perfect stress-free berry lip and very work appropriate! Also, I really need to rewatch Kiki's Delivery Service.

Sheer, pretty apricot.

If you don't like My Neighbor Totoro then we're not friends. End of story. But that has little to do with lip balm so we'll move on to that. Come Out, Come Out is a lovely orange creamsicle sort of color. Although it's definitely not opaque, I found that it built up a lot more than A Girl And A Cat despite being described as sheer. This color will be perfect for the upcoming summer months!

Summery medium coral, a match for our former Why Not Zoidberg color.

As I said, I don't own any Intertubes so I can't say how this compares to Why Not Zoidberg. From swatches I've seen online it seems It's Called Love is more pink and less orange in comparison. It's bright, sheer and gives the lips an amazingly juicy shine. Also, if you don't like Spirited Away then not only are we not friends, you're dead to me. 

Bright coral-orange in the tube, applies a bit pinker than you might expect! Will leave behind a light stain.

Here we have Shiro's color for Howl's Moving Castle. And let me tell you, it's a bright one! I wasn't expecting such a shocking pink from looking at the product in the tube. If neon-esque pinks aren't you're thing I'm sure Who Swallowed A Star could easily be patted and blended into the lips for something a bit more subtle but 'bright as hell pink' seems to be the default. I love the color but because of how bright it is combined with the shape/size of the tube application can be a bit tricky. Gotta be careful with this one! It does leave a very bright stain as well so it'll be perfect for no fuss all day wear. 

Sheer brick red with a slight brown undertone.

Princess Mononoke was the very first Miyazaki film I ever saw. As such, it holds a dear place in my heart so With Eyes Unclouded was a guaranteed buy for me. It looks so dark in the tube and 'brown' in the description can be a bit off putting for some but mmmfff. This might actually be my favorite of the bunch. It's the sheerest among all the Miyazaki tints and only imparts a bit of color with a healthy dose of shine. Very pretty and subtle. Keep in mind - as lip pigmentation/color varies so may your results!

Shimmering rose-tinted champagne with bright silver sparks.

Poor Guy
Still No Oscar For Leo DiCaprio over Bare Skin, MAC Painterly, Too Faced Glitter Glue
Still No Oscar For Leo DiCaprio over Too Faced Glitter Glue

My photos do no justice to the amount of sparkles found in Still No Oscar For Leo DiCaprio. It is super gorgeous. I found it to be too sheer swiped over bare skin for my tastes but a good sticky base is all it needs to really shine. Many people compared it to Doge but Still No Oscar is less sheer and leans more bronze while Doge is fairly pink in tone.

Next up on the gambit:

Baker's Boy (M), Master of Whispers (O), I Loved A Maid (O), Rebellion (O), Second Kira (O)

Baker's Boy in Moderate
Shimmery light golden brown with blue sparks.

I chose Baker's Boy hoping for something pretty and sparkly. And I probably would have gotten just that had I chose Sheer. But I got this marvelous metallic wonder instead! Color me surprised but pleased! The texture can be a bit streaky so it takes a little work to get good even coverage. I think this will be gorgeous layered over a warm red lipstick. I'll have to do some playing around with it.

Soft golden shimmer shining through pale lilac silk.

"The Weirdest Face."

This gloss is frosty. My photos don't quite capture how frosty it is. I don't particularly have a problem with frostiness other than the fact it can easily appear streaky. The color itself is beautiful; it's definitely a statement lip. The texture of this gloss though is not pleasant. It is very, very thick - much like a cream. It takes sooo much product to get a nice even application. I assume it's because Master of Whispers as a shadow is quite sheer so it'd take quite a bit of pigment to build gloss up to full opacity. If I had another chance I'd definitely pick this shade up in Sheer instead. For now it'll just take some experimenting to see how I can make this shade work. (Cream highlight perhaps?)

I Loved A Maid in Opaque
Green-shifting gold shining out over a base of softened Lannister crimson.

To start, this gloss runs a tad bit more brown in real life than I was able to capture. It's not what I was expecting but I really love how it turned out. This gloss is slick and glides on like a liquid lipstick. Amazing texture and opaque in one swipe - no building up required! It's bold for sure but the gold-green shine gives it that little something extra. For those days I want a quirky red.

Rebellion in Opaque
Deep blue-black with green and purple shimmer.

For some reason 'deep blue-black' didn't quite click with me as I was choosing my gloss shades and I was surprised when Rebellion didn't turn out to be dark blue. (I'm not the sharpest crayon.) It is lovely though! The blue does show up a bit more in real life but it's still very deep and dark. I suppose it's not an everyday color (Maybe it is, I'm not your boss.) but this'll be perfect for nights out or when you're lounging around the house and want to feel fierce as you do your laundry. It's got a good amount of shimmer to it so it takes a little more working with than I Loved A Maid or Women's Weapon but it's really nothing deal breaking.

Second Kira in Opaque
Charcoal with bright golden sparks.

Glorious Gunmetal Grey, Batman! I was expecting something much much darker but gunmetal grey? Yeah, I'll take that. It's so shiny and metallic! Ugh, just picture this with a heavy contour, power brows and wings sharp enough to impale your enemies. If that doesn't spell the perfect look for a girls' night out than I don't know what possibly could. The texture is marvelous and the gold sparks are subtle but give the lip a tiny touch of opulence. Yeah, I said opulence.

Rebellion and Second Kira look a bit similar to some (My dear sister, for the life of her, can't seem to tell the difference.) so I snapped a picture of each tube with flash so you can see just how different they are!

Rebellion on the Left, Second Kira on the Right

See - they're different. So I can totally justify owning both.

Detrivore Embalming Tube in Creme de Menthe

So Messy

The last thing I threw into my cart while placing my original order! I'm glad to see Shiro carrying Detrivore products now after seeing all the fantastic reviews they've gotten and never having had a chance to give them a try. It may seem odd that the first product I picked up was a lip balm but as I said - my lips are dry as fuck. I'm always on the look out for something that can sooth and keep them under control. This balm is quite moisturizing but sooo soft. It melts right onto the lips which is nice at times but this is no 'out and about' type of lip balm. This is a 'let's grease these puppies up' type of lip balm. I find it perfect for sitting around at home or wearing to bed but it's just too messy for anything else. The smell is nice, if a bit generic. Overall, I really like it but I ain't lovin' it.

You may have thought that was the end of it BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! See you in part 2!


Disclaimer: I was compensated for providing swatches but all reviews and opinions are and always will be my own!


  1. Thanks for all the awesome swatches and great informative reviews! I didn't know that I Loved a Maid was such an amazing red color! That gloss is really unique!

    1. I'm glad you find it informative! (I always feel so silly!) And I wasn't expecting it to be so red myself - must be that "softened Lannister crimson" base!

    2. I'm thinking about buying it before the end of the month. Is it really so red? Because it looks golden on the site as a shadow and I wouldn't be able to wear that gold. Did you simply ordered it as it is, or did you ask Caitlin to add more red in it?

    3. I ordered it as is! It's definitely not gold but my photo shows the red a bit brighter than in real life. It's somewhat muted and actually leans more orange-red. Initially, I was a tad disappointed because a was hoping for more gold, haha.

      Another person's ordered the same gloss - here's her album with swatches under various types of lighting:

      I'd say the actual color of the gloss is somewhere between her arm swatch and my lip swatch. You can see the gold/green shimmer is fairly subtle unless under a fairly direct light source.

      Hope that helps!

  2. I've read all of your posts. I love your blog. We have a lot in common it seems so I love reading your opinions. I just ordered my first Shiro custom gloss and I'm so nervous to see how it turns out.

    1. Oh wow, thanks! I'm happy to hear that! I agree that ordering custom glosses can be nerve wracking but I think that's all part of the fun! If you don't mind me asking, which color did you order?