Monday, April 28, 2014

So Much Shiro - Part 2 of 2!

WARNING: Picture heavy!

Hello, hello! Welcome to part 2! Part 1 can be found here.

In this half I'll cover the full Cages Through the Ages collection, Red Wedding and everyone's favorite - samples!

On January 7th, 2014, Nicolas Cage turned 50 years old. In honor of this god among men walking for half a century on our unworthy earth, we have released five lip glosses. These are not representative of the exact five decades for which He has been alive, but rather five very distinctive eras in American history. Because it's funnier that way.

There's not much to be said about Nic Cage. (Other than the fact that this subreddit exists and everyone should know about it.) This collection features quirky names, quirkier art and an absolutely stunning color range. But I won't ramble too much about it. Let's take a look!

See names below. That shit ain't gonna fit here.

A gorgeous nude color, slightly on the sheerer side of medium coverage. We like to think of it as "Nicolas Beige." Flavored like yummy honey! (vegan substitute, not the bees)

As much as I love bold, in-your-face lips there's nothing quite like finding a good nude shade. It seems to be especially difficult finding something that doesn't look awful with my pasty pale complexion. This is a good nude. The coverage is really nice without completely erasing my natural color. Not too sticky but doesn't slide about everywhere. The smell is a little strange - I don't get any honey from it. It almost smells like a weird pastry. I don't hate it but I'm glad it doesn't stick around. 

Moderately opaque dusty rose with a gentle pearl finish. Flavored with fancy pink frosting!

This color is absolutely beautiful! One of my favorites from the collection for sure. I honestly feel like this color would look amazing on just about anyone. Sexy but demure. The scent to me is a very artificial pink frosting. Again, it's not bad but I can see how it'd bother some people. (It fades fast though, so don't worry!)

Moderately opaque fuchsia-mulberry. Will leave behind a faint stain. Flavored like bubbly champagne!

I love me a burgundy lip. And this is a fabulous one. I did find it took a little work to get a good even coat however so this shade takes a ding for that. Otherwise, I'm pleased with it. As for the scent, it definitely smells like booze. It's weird but I like it.

Moderately opaque bright sports-car red, with a subtle pearl finish. Flavored like fresh cherry pie!

Dem gams.

HUBBAHUBBA. If there's a lip product out there that's going to make you feel like a '50s bombshell than this is it. It's so shiny and juicy and perfect! The pearl finish really gives it that 'my lips match this sport car I'm spread eagle on' quality. The cherry scent is also quite pleasant. A+!

Super sheer purple with bright orange sparkle. Flavored like grape candy, Lip Smackers style!

This is an interesting one! I really, really need more glittery glosses in my life. And as much as I like it on its own I'm excited to try layering it over all sorts of things! The scent is super fake grape candy and it's just super fun. Good stuff!

Red Wedding from the Seven Kingdoms Collection
Very opaque blood-red. Flavored with cheerful fruity cranberry!

Red Wedding is like Nic Cage Posing's older, less naive, yet still sexilicious older sister. It also gives me horrible flashbacks to A Storm of Swords. Red Wedding is super easy to work with but bleeding will be something to look out for. (How fitting.) The smell isn't too bad - it smells a lot like cranberry juice. Overall, I think this'll be a good power red. The type of red you apply at your vanity, look at your reflection and whisper, "The North remembers."

And last but never least - Samples! I received several samples including a couple from Detrivore. I'll start with my Shiro samples first! Here we have You Know Nothing and Day Of Reckoning.

You Know Nothing, Day of Reckoning

You Know Nothing from the Seven Kingdoms Collection
Cold wintery grey-white with bright icy shimmer.

You Know Nothing over Bare Skin, MAC Painterly, Too Faced Glitter Glue
You Know Nothing over Too Faced Glitter Glue
I actively have to stop myself from calling this shadow You Snow Nothing. It's starting to be a problem. As you can see it's more or less the exact opposite! It's very, very sheer. A colored base of any type will have some range of effect on the eyeshadow as you can see with MAC Painterly. (I tend to use Painterly because it covers up how pink and veiny my eyelids are.) Glitter glue does a fantastic job at bringing out the blue sheen. I've been using this color as a highlight but if I really want to make it pop I may try it over a white base like NYX Milk. Overall, gorgeous color but You Snow Nothing is probably my favorite of the two.

Day of Reckoning from the Fullmetal Collection
Intense, metallic deep burgundy. 

Day of Reckoning over Bare Skin, MAC Painterly, Too Faced Glitter Glue
Day of Reckoning over Too Faced Glitter Glue
Sheer over bare skin, decent over a base, gloriously metallic over glitter glue. Just look at that shine! I'm extra pumped because I have an order placed with Darling Girl that includes their Superstar Serum and I'm going to wear this as a liner so hard, you guys. I can't even.

Baby's first Detrivore! I received samples of Midnight and Hypothesis. I was super excited to give these a try!

Midnight, Hypothesis (Obvious caption is obvious.)

Dark navy blue with a satin finish.

Midnight over Bare Skin, MAC Painterly, Too Faced Glitter Glue
Midnight over Too Faced Glitter Glue
I would say Midnight is mostly matte with a touch of shimmer to it. It performs best over a base and the shimmer is a bit more obvious over the extra sticky glitter glue. I got it to layer evenly over the glitter glue but because it's pretty matte it was a complete bitch to do so. I'd say a regular base is the best course of action with this one. I probably won't use it too much as a regular shadow but it'd be perfect as a liner.

Medium satin taupe with subtle pink tones.

Hypothesis over Bare Skin, MAC Painterly, Too Faced Glitter Glue
Hypothesis over Too Faced Glitter Glue
I literally don't know of anyone who doesn't love a nice taupe. I liked Midnight but this is the first Detrivore shadow that I got excited about. It'll be a super nice and easy go-to sort of color. The glitter glue brings out a really lovely pinkish sheen that isn't very noticeable over a regular base. I may end up grabbing this shade in a full size at some point. 

And there we have it! That wasn't so bad was it? *cries in a corner* There was a lot of blood, sweat and tears putting this post together but I'm really happy with almost everything I got. (I'm lookin' at you, Master of Whispers gloss.) I'm also super grateful to Caitlin for giving me the opportunity to provide swatches of her amazing lip products! Seriously guys, I'm feeling like a bit old pile of positivity today. Also, I'm crazy pumped to see what Shiro has planned for their anniversary in a couple days! Anyone else?


Disclaimer: This post contains products that were sent to me for swatching purposes. I was compensated for providing swatches but all opinions are and always will be my own!