Sunday, June 1, 2014

Femme Fatale's Post-Apocalyptic Collection - Part 2 of 3

WARNING: So many pictures. So many.

We're continuing from Part 1 located here! Let's jump right on in!

Batch 3!

Cosmic Owl, The Art of Peacocking, Prismo, Tiny Manticore, Slime Princess (LE)

A gorgeous smooth bronze-brown with golden tones - almost leans olive or orange in some lights.

Cosmic Owl is so so pigmented and just glorious all around. Another favorite of mine. It's bronze/gold/olive/brown all at once and just so bright and shiny! I can just picture a beautiful smoky bronze eye. And now I'm drooling.

A murky mid-tone purple base with shimmer that goes green at an angle to the light. Front on it's more a simple purple with shimmer.

As beautiful as this shadow is in the jar I couldn't quite get it to translate to the swatch. All I could see was purple and I didn't pick out any of the green shimmer. My camera was somehow able to but in person I just couldn't catch it. I may have to play a bit with bases and see if that makes any sort of difference.

A smooth metallic grey with subtle pink shimmer.

Oh Prismo... I'mma marry you so hard and impregnate you with all these babies I got. And they will be beautiful. And no one will ever tell them no.

A warm sparkly brown with slight green shift.

Tiny Manticore is probably another favorite of mine. The base itself is just gorgeous without the slight green shift but damn. That shift gives it that extra oomf and just shoots it off into magical eyeshadow land. If that makes any sense. I will wear this one so often.

A bright green pigment with with subtle reddish shimmer which gives it a more yellow tinge when applied.

Slime Princess is a limited edition shade so once it's gone, it's gone! I'm really loving it but haven't had a chance to figure out the best way to use it just yet. It's a bit like Shiro's The Fourth Be With You but Slime Princess leans quite a bit warmer. The red shimmer is subtle but adds a really interesting dimension to it. If you're liking what you see jump on it before it goes!

Batch 4!

Ultimate Wizards, Scream Song, Sea of Something, Wizards Only, Fools, Marauders, Soul Stone
It's like tiny nebulae all over my arm! 

A navy-almost-purple base with blue to purple shimmer.

I have a bit of a dilemma here. In order to get all those glorious glitters to stick around I used an extra sticky glitter glue but that made working with what seems like a matte base a bit awkward. It'll definitely take some troubleshooting to figure out what type of primer will be best to use. But for now I'm just going to let myself fall into all that sparkly goodness. It's a tiny jar of outer space and that couldn't make me happier.

A bold purple with purple shimmers, this one is suited to patting on rather than swiping.
This one also looks like outer space. If outer space was on FIRE.

I've got a bit of the same problem here that I did with Ultimate Wizards. But unggh. Those glitters, guys. It's just... TT_TT  Another favorite, if a bit finicky.

A rich eggplant base with a vibrant blue sheen.
You can tell it's just going to be marvelous.

Once again, another favorite! That bright blue sheen just smacks you right up the side of your head and lets you know who's boss. I'm really pumped to try wearing this as a liner!

A rich purple-brown base with warm-toned sparks and shimmer.
Out of focus for the glittaz~

Another beautiful jar of glittergasm. I can't. <3

A sparkly icy blue over a dark base, at an angle to the light the shimmer shifts to purple.

I wasn't able to find the purple shift with this one but perhaps it's just a matter of the type of lighting. Other than that I'm really liking it. It's not life altering but still very nice.

A blue based shadow with bright green sparkles.
So nice!

I could not get Soul Stone to photograph as beautiful as it looks in real life. It's impossible, black magic. I'm really excited to play around with this one because I've seen swatches over other primers that have brought out what looks like a rich blue base. I dunno, it's like magical dragon scales. Everyone needs this in their life.

One more part to go! On to Part 3 where I go over blushes and other bits and bobs! See you there!



  1. Hello agaiiin ! I love the photos of your arm on the Batch 4, it's just look like space <3 (don't know if it's clear, but your arm is like heaven x))

    I really like the quality of your photos, it really show the variety of the colors :)

    1. Helllloooo! ;) And thank you! That's probably my favorite picture of the bunch! (Who doesn't want eye shadows that look like little galaxies?!)

  2. Oh, you answered back to all of my comments ; I'm so happy o/

    Galaxies on eyes is one of my dream :D All of these colors are fantastic :)

  3. :-ooo
    (I think I need the batch 4.)

    (But the shipping... >.< ... OK, writing it on a wishlist.)

    1. Yeah, the shipping's pretty rough. But that Femme Fatale wishlist just keeps on growin'. @_@