Sunday, June 1, 2014

Femme Fatale's Post-Apocalyptic Collection - Part 1 of 3

WARNING: Picture heavy as fuuuckkk.

I celebrated my birthday last month and there's no better way  to celebrate than to spoil yourself in the most ridiculous manner. It just so happens that Femme Fatale released their Post-Apocalyptic Collection just a week prior to said birthday. So, a collection based entirely on Adventure Time? Oh yes, this was to be mine. Not to mention I was itching so bad to finally give Femme Fatale a try after seeing swatch after swatch of their beautiful duochromes on /r/indiemakeupandmore. It'd say it was fate.

Buying the full collection saved me a pretty penny (IIRC, there was also a sale) which somewhat made up for the crazy shipping costs from Australia to the American Midwest. There's nothing to be done about it but it is one thing that may keep me from making purchase after purchase from Femme Fatale. (As much as I'd like to.) The option to purchase shipping with insurance (though more expensive) did put me at ease. The shipping didn't take terribly long but, as it turns out, I did have to be home to sign for it. (Perhaps on account of the insurance?) The part that miffed me was I work your regular run of the mill 9-5ish Monday through Friday type of job. So, although my package was available to pick up on a Thursday, I wasn't able to pick it up until Saturday morning. Granted, that's not too long of a wait but I'm impatient and it wasn't a delay I was expecting.

The collection was definitely worth the wait. Post-Apocalyptic consists of 3 blushes and 21 eyeshadows - one of which is limited edition! Let's get onto the swatches! FYI: All eyeshadow swatches are done over Too Faced Glitter Glue.

Perspecto-Illusion, Tea Partying is Hard, Cake, Royal Tarts, Princess Princess Princess
Activate! Artsy Angle Mode!

A translucent baby pink with strong aqua shift - will appear more striking over a dark base.

This shadow is probably one of my favorites from the bunch. (I'll probably say the same thing about a lot of them but bear with me.) The duochrome is amazing even without a dark base. I will probably do some playing around with bases to see what it can do but I'm completely happy with the way it is over the glitter glue. I wore this the other day on the inner corner blended into to Tiny Manticore on the lid and a bit of Prismo in the crease and I was very happy with it. Perspecto-Illusion is definitely one to try.

A pale marshmallow pink with reddish shimmers.

Tea Partying is Hard has a very delicate and pretty pinkish white matte base with soft pink sheen and shimmer. Despite the matte base I found it to apply very nicely over the glitter glue. It is oxide based so Femme Fatale's page warns against packing it on too heavily which can cause the base to cake up. My favorite way to wear it so far? Blended out very sheerly on my brow bone for a super dainty, girly highlight. Love it.

A sparkly ivory with slight golden shimmer, delicate and pretty!

Cake is a super easy, everyday sort of lid color. (If you're the type to love some sparkle and shine, that is.) It reminds me a lot of Shiro's Baker's Boy but without the blue glitter. It'll make a beautiful sheer wash over the lid for my lazy days.

A washed out mauve-rose base which can lean grey, and orange shimmer.

THIS COLOR. OMG. It is so gorgeous that I can't even express in words what it does to me. Dusty rosy mauve with a light golden sheen - it's just perfection.

A vibrant apricot with orange tones and golden shimmer.

Anything with a gold sheen is bound to grab me right by my heart strings and just shake uncontrollably. Princess Princess Princess is a nice pop of color but isn't super bright. I've paired it with Royal Tarts and they blended together seamlessly. 

Batch 2!

Floating Gems, Cloud Kingdom, Crystal Guardian, Lemon-Sweets, Peebles
So niiiice.

A muddish green shade with striking violet shimmer.

The violet shimmer is very very strong. I think with a less sticky base you may be able to bring out the grey green base a bit. I really like this color but it's not a love for me.

A soft baby blue base with pink shimmers. May appear more vibrant over a black base color.

Here we have what I like to call "Bizarro Perspecto-Illusion." Instead of the baby pink with blue shift, Cloud Kingdom is a pretty baby blue with a pink shift. I'm kind of excited to see what looks I can put together using the two of them! (I feel dumb that I just thought of this.)

A pale seafoam green with subtle copper-gold shimmer.

The shimmers in Crystal Guardian are definitely very subtle even with a very sticky base. I wish the gold that I spot in the jar would come across a bit more in the swatch but I'm still rather pleased with this shadow. Plus, my first car was seafoam green so there's that nostalgia factor there.

A soft translucent sorbet yellow with subtle turquoise shimmers.

Lemon-Sweets would be more translucent but with a sticky base it builds up nicely and holds it's own. The turquoise shift isn't too bold but doesn't disappear which I appreciate. I haven't thought of how I'd like to use it yet but I'm excited seeing as I don't believe I have a color quite like this in my (embarrassingly expansive) collection.

A coral toned bubblegum pink with green shimmer.

Peebles is super bright and oh so fun! This'll be fantastic as a pop of color with a neutral or dark smoky eye. The green shimmer comes across as more of a gold-green but I'm not complaining! Out of the brights this collection has to offer, Peebles is probably my favorite.

And guess what! We're not even close to done but in order to not overwhelm anyone I've split this swatchfest/review into three parts. You'll find Part 2 here!



  1. Hello ! Thanks a lot for letting me discover a new brand of makeup :D
    All of this colors you swatched are awesome, and now I just want so hard to have all of these, especially the duochromes ! (Perspecto-Illusion broke my heart and eyes with its beauty <3)

    And now, I'm going to put a comment on the 2 others parts o/

    1. You're welcome! :3 I'm so glad I've helped you discover something new!
      I'd heard so much about Femme Fatale's duochromes that I just had to give them a try! (And I agree, Perspecto-Illusion is definitely a heart-breaker. ;P)

  2. The only problem is that now I know Femme fatale I have to buy all of their duochromes eyeshadows to be happy :D

    1. The curse of reading makeup blogs - I know that problem too well! :P

  3. Ermahgerd. These are gorgeous! Beautiful swatches. =D I can't wait for my samples to get here.

    1. Omigosh, thank you! :3

      Also, how am I not following your blog already?! Fixed aaaand fixed~