Monday, August 4, 2014

Hello Waffle and the Dangers of Flash Sales Part 1: The Persinette Collection

Hello Waffle is the master of flash sales. For those of you unfamiliar, flash sales are sales with a short shelf life and a steep discount. Buy now, buy fast, buy everything. And you know what? It works. I'm weak and it works.

What I'm about to show you may terrify you. May disgust you. May induce heart palpitations in the elderly.

Let me present the damage caused by two flash sales:

Artsy crop but you get the idea.

I somehow ended up with three full collections and a butt load of various odds and ends. It's almost overwhelming. (That no-buy shouldn't be much of a surprise at this point.)  After soooo much swatching, and reswatching and all that nonsense, I'm finally ready to throw together some blog posts. This series (omg series) will be coming at you in four parts!

Today we're starting with Hello Waffle's very first collection - The Persinette Collection!

Hello Waffle's Persinette collection (previously the Tangled collection) is inspired by Rapunzel (previously based on Disney's Tangled (which is cute as fuuuck)) which fits right in with Hello Waffle's fairy tale theme. Due to a bit of a legal dispute the names of the collection and the individual eyeshadows were changed to align more with the classic story. I made sure to include old names along with the new to alleviate any confusion!

*All swatches are over Too Faced Glitter Glue in indoor, indirect late morning/early afternoon light.*

12th (Now I See the Light)
Dark mauve shimmer.

12th is a lovely, muted pink satin with slight shimmer. This shade could very easily be used to do a neutral eye without drawing to much attention to itself. Not a 'wower' but I could see it being a staple to those who enjoy downplayed, girly looks.

A Tight Dress (My New Dream)
Vibrant purple shimmer with blue-ish undertones.

Super pretty but I wouldn't call this a "vibrant" purple - more like a deep, smoky, cool toned purple with blue shimmer. It reminds me a lot of Shiro's Are You Shear You Wanna Enchant That? but with less sparkle. I'll definitely be trying this as a liner. (Okay, I did this today and it's faaaab.)

Cravings (The Smolder)
Dark purple shimmer with gold sparkle.

Hot mama! That's luxurious. Super rich, metallic purple with big ol' gold sparkles - what more could a girl ask for?

Enchantress (Mother Knows Best)
Shimmery copper leaning purple.

Oh man, I'm so sorry for this one! These photos pulled really red with the light I was using but it in person it's much less vivid. It's more of a reddish-purple with a red/copper sheen and it's gorgeous. I wore it the other day all over the lid with Wastelands blended around the edges and it was smoky and fabulous.

Escape (Gothel)
Dark blue shimmer with gold sparkle. Leans teal with different applications.

Lovely, deep navy with gold sparkles. I can see where there might be some teal but I haven't played around much with application methods just yet.

Ethereal Voice (Floating Lanterns)
Warm purple with noticeable golden shimmer.

HOLY SPARKLEGASM. Warm purple absolutely saturated with golden sparkles and shimmer. Everyone needs this. Everyone. (Also, I believe it's supposed to be something of a dupe to Laura Mercier's African Violet soooo you can't really go wrong with Ethereal Voice.)

Fey (Magic Hair)
Shimmering golden apricot with rosy undertones.

Words cannot accurately convey the feelings I have for Fey. It's glorious and I'm super pumped to finally have a full size! Use a sticky base to get the most outta that golden shift!

Golden Stairs (Golden Flower)
Peach with golden shimmer.

Golden Stairs is super soft and delicate - perfect for an easy, eye brightening sorta look.

Prince (Eugene)
Dirty bronze shimmer.

A nice bronzy brown. It's pretty run of the mill and doesn't really make me feel any magical feelings but it does round out the collection a bit.

Rapunzel (The Lost Princess)
Sheer warm pink shimmer.

Rapunzel really couldn't be anything other than a sparkling bubblegum pink. It just makes sense.

Silk (Maximus)
Sparkly metallic purple.

Silk, Silk, Silk~ We meet again. This one's a lot like Ethereal Voice and those of you who don't need every purple in existence could probably just grab one or the other and be good to go. They do have their slight differences. The base of Silk is a bit cooler in tone and has a moderate metallic sheen which can sometimes be hard to discern through all the gold shimmer. So they're small differences but they're there and they matter.

Thorns (Immortality)
Black with darkened gold shimmer.

I wouldn't call Thorns a true black. More like a blackened brown and I really enjoy it.  

Tower (Frying Pan)
Deep blue-gray shimmer.

This is the only one I got with the old label! It's an outcast, a misfit! But I suppose we can still be buds. Either way, I'm absolutely loving the shimmer in Tower.

Wastelands (Brothers)
Brownish red with yellow sparkle.

Unng, I love Wastelands. Fall is just around the corner and I'm going to wear the crap outta this eyeshadow. I wanna match that gorgeous Iowa autumn foliage, goddammit. (For the one week we have it.)

And that's the Persinette collection! For those who love purples and gold it's definitely a must. The collection itself is very well thought out and extremely cohesive - nothing really sticks out like a sore thumb and everything just fits together perfectly. There's little else to say about it!

Up next I'll be bringing you Hello Waffle's Musician collection so keep your eyes peeled!


Post Script Nonsense:

Sorry that this post took so very long for me to finish! I'd say I've got a lot going on but that's not necessarily true. Just feeling a bit uninspired but I'm working on getting back to that bloggin' grind! Though, busy-wise, I will be (hopefully) going back to school this fall! I'm a bit nervous but really excited as I've been out of school for 7 years! A new adventure!

Also, since we've hit the end of No-Buy July I figured I grace ya'll with a tid bit of an update! The only purchase made: Shiro's The Red Viper! I'm pretty pleased with how I did! I'll being doing a low buy through August (Can't resist that Haus of Gloi fall release!) while allowing myself a few smaller purchases. I've already got Blooddrop and, of course, Haus of Gloi orders planned but I figured I should put off any shopping until I get some of these posts out of my draft folder! You know, settin' goals and rewarding myself.


  1. Gorgeous swatches! I am about to be going on a no buy myself. XD

    1. Thank you! :) And good luck on the no-buy! It's rough but I feel pretty accomplished! :p

  2. Love these! I think I need Ethereal Voice....

    1. Thanks! As for Ethereal Voice - I'm not about to disagree. ;)