Friday, April 10, 2015

GemGlam! Week Two: Avant-Garde Garnet!

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Guysguysguys. It's week two of Gem Glam April and today I'm bringing you another Garnet look! Where lasts week's look was more wearable, this week's is supposed to be more artsy & avant-garde. Now, I've never actually done a serious avant-garde look before and since this week was jam packed with all sorts of other life-happenings I really only got an opportunity to just dip my toes a bit. I did play around with some other ideas for looks but, ah, only one ended up being during peak lighting hours... Here's the silly, cartoony nonsense I managed to come up with:

"That's a lie. Your middle name is cutie pie."

I was attempting to go for more dynamic lines and bold blocks of color for Garnet's cool, powerhouse side buutttt, this is what I ended up with. Derp. That purple bit is supposed to be for Garnet's third eye (which is purple) but it ended up looking pretty silly. I also failed to take any product shots because I am the worst. I'll break down most of what I used for you anyway.

The base for this look was the same as last week's - very general stuff. No contouring or highlighting, I wanted the bold colors to be the main focus. I just used a light layer of Shiro's You Can McLean On Me on my cheeks to keep myself from looking too dead and flat. Brows are actually Urban Decay's Snakebite for something a bit more over the top and alien but not quite. Ironic, as this used to be my everyday brow product. :I

For eyes I used a layer of NYX Milk for a brightening base along with Siren Song Cosmetics' Disgraced Monk (the red) and Loyal Lionheart (the blue).  The third eye fiasco is a combination of Milk and Siren Song's Summoner. The liner is L'oreal's The Blackbuster liquid liner - not my favorite liner but I like that for a liquid liner it doesn't have an oddly shiny finish. The gold glitter is definitely my favorite bit - if I could get away with wearing it to work like this I would. It's MAC's Gold glitter which make's me sound like an asshole but I promise - the name's actually that boring.

The lips turned out really fun and I think they're the most Garnet-esque aspect of this look. Top lip is NYX Black Bean and the bottom lip is Covergirl's Lip Lava in Mauva Lava. I just grabbed a couple of these Lip Lava's to try not too long ago and I'm really liking them so far! They're super pigmented and have a long, thin brush which make getting a nice, clean edge super easy.

Also, I really wish I had some sweet shades to go along with this look but I'm a lame nerd so here's me in my regular ol' spectacles:

"I drink coffee for breakfast."

To sum things up: I kind of dropped the ball this week and for that I apologize. I have set aside/planned some time to really work on the next couple of posts and I'm really looking forward to working on those for you! (Plus, I'm doing a little planning ahead product-wise so I don't end up floundering too much!) Until next time, you lovely lumps~



Three Gems And A Baby.
P.S. - If this joke's already been made I'm so sorry but also super angry.


  1. That art pretty much deserves its own post, it's my favorite thing.

    1. Thanks! I put an embarrassing amount of effort into it ehhhheheheh ;_;

  2. I LOVE the lip colors, definitely super spot on for Garnet <3 and that art omggg too perfect