Friday, April 17, 2015

GemGlam! Week 3: A Soft Look for Lapis Lazuli~

Hey cool kids! It's Friday again and that means another Gem Glam post! For the next two weeks we're moving on from our dear, earth-loving Crystal Gems and on to the currently mysterious Homeworld Gems. OOooooOOooo~ Also this week we're back to everyday, wearable looks!

You can see Noon's super cool Peridot look here!

The inspiration for my look comes from the most adorable and depressing queen of fart jokes gem ever: Lapis Lazuli. She'll break your heart, man. Smash it right into pieces. (That brief glimpse of her as Peridot's ship plummets to earth literally kills me. Every. Single. Time.)

And Dad you might think she's a criminal,
But her friendship comes through subliminal.
There's so much that can be said about Lapis and yet she's is still quite a mystery to everyone. Why was she being held in that mirror? Who was she before the rebellion? I'm really holding out hope that at some point we might get some of her back story. To me she comes across as someone who was a lover and not a fighter - though she's probably one of the baddest ass mother fuckers in the whole series so far so who can really say? She moved an entire ocean for cryin' out loud. And that ending scene in Jail Break, GODDAMN. Honestly, after all that I just want her to come back so I can build her a water garden and give her kittens in ribbons to play with.

To reflect the softer side of Lapis I decided to put together something gentle and feminine. Here's what I came up with:

It's fairly simple. The base is the exact same as my last two looks. Color-wise it's nothing too harsh, I did my best to keep it soft and delicate.

The eye's were my main focus: I mostly stuck with Lapis' all blue motif and made sure to get some soft, subtle wings in there (for obvious reasons). I started with a layer of Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Too Cool - it's really not that great all on it's own but it does provide a nice sheer, shimmery base. Then, after a thin layer of Too Faced Glitter Glue, I started laying down my colors: the inner third of my lid is Femme Fatale's Crystal Guardian, a pale pastel blue with gold shimmer; the center is Hello Waffle's Snowflakes, a cool light blue with silver shimmer; and the outer third is Shiro's Tardis, a medium blue with subtle green/purple shimmer. After some more glitter glue I used a small angled brush to lightly line my eyes and create a small wing with Femme Fatale's Marauders, blending it a bit with Tardis. I buffed Hello Waffle's Danger Zone all along the lower lash line/lid to make everything extra soft. Brow and inner corner highlight are Life's Entropy's Stay Pawsitive, a sheer warm gold. (I got my first order from Life's Entropy not too long ago and I'm really excited to finally getting around to posting a review. Spoiler Alert: I'm in love with Brow Theories.) Lashes are, once again, Covergirl Clump Crusher Extensions.

The rest of the face I kept pretty simple, opting for natural shades with subtle gold details.

Cheeks are Blackbird Cosmetics' Briar Rose, a "muted light pink with subtle gold sheen" included as one of the guest indies in Hello Waffle's February Visage Box. I topped that off with Hello Waffle's Golden Veil highlighter for some more golden goodness. For lips I used Covergirl's Colorlicious Lipgloss in Give Me Guava - a sheer, neutral pink with lovely gold shimmer throughout.

And that wraps up this look's details! Next week we'll be swinging back around to avant-garde. It's also the last week of Gem Glam so I'm hoping to go out with a bang! Keep your peepers peeped until then!



  1. The blues you picked are A++++ PERFECT. You look like a magical watery princess like Lapis!! <3 <3

  2. Ah, I'm also planning a gems inspired makeup looks series!! Can't wait to see how the rest of yours pan out! :) Love this one, Lapis is my favourite.