Monday, November 24, 2014

Hello Waffle's Catssic Literature Collection!


The Catssic Literature collection, a collection based on everyone's favorite things - cats and books, started out as a twinkle in reddit's /u/MAKEUP5EVER's eye. You can see it in its conceptional infancy in her imgur post here. This post was one of the most beautiful yet painful things to ever happen to /r/Indiemakeupandmore. Lusting after something that didn't even exist was almost too much for many of us to bear. Little did we know, Christine of Hello Waffle was on the case! Eventually, I can't recall when exactly, the cat was let out of the bag (haha) and the resulting buzz was immense. After some behind the scenes magic we now have this amazing Hello Waffle x MAKEUP5EVER collab! Christine sent me the collection for swatching and I couldn't consider myself luckier. (Lena's stickers came a bit later and I was just as excited for those!) Let's dig in! 

*All swatches are over Too Faced Glitter Glue in indoor, indirect natural light.*

White with seafoam blue sheen.

First off - look at that sticker. Look at it. Puffy little great white muffin-face, uhhhgg. I wanna squeeze it. This collection's already too adorable so beware of continuing ridiculousness. On to the eyeshadow itself - it's fairly sheer which makes it a good option for a highlight shade and the blue sheen is absolutely gorgeous. It brings to mind a sparklier version of Shiro's You Know Nothing. I'll probably try to pop this over a white base like Nyx Milk and see what comes of it.

Satin greyed purple with a copper sheen.
The little paw prints!!

Catticus Finch is probably one of my favorites of the collection. It's stunning and subtle all at once. The base is a light, super muted lavender with a gorgeous violet/copper sheen. Photos really don't do it much justice - of all the shades, this is the one I'd probably recommend the most. 

Matte black base with blue, turquoise, and violet microshimmers.
The mustache makes it.

A color to represent Poe would obviously have to be black. The shimmers in Edgar Allan Prrr are what makes it stand out in a crowd. Dat turquoise~ I like to push this into my lash line as a subtle but sparkly liner.

Beetle brown loaded with green and gold sparkle.

Franz Katfka is magic in a jar. It literally turns your eyes into iridescent beetle wings. Put this on your face and tell me I'm wrong. 

A glowing red.
Look at that chub nugget!

The glow of Hisster Prynne reminds me of the eyeshadows of the Musician collection. It's got the same sort of inner light. It's not quite red, not quite pink - I like this all over the lid paired with Purr-ride and Purr-redjudice. 

Green like Harry's eyes, with magical house colour microshimmer and a silver overlay because Slytherin.

The multicolored microshimmers in J.K. Meowling are extremely subtle - I wish they were a touch more obvious. It's also a bit sheerer than I expected. I definitely like it, I'm just not head over heels for it. 

Matte gray base with intense gold sparkle.

Portrait of Purrian Gray - another favorite! The matte grey base is quite light. Though I love it on the lid, I find it works quite well as an inner corner highlight. It's a little difficult to get a good balance between the matte base and the gold glitter but it's well worth the work. Though  make sure to keep watch for glitter fallout! 

Lady-like blush pink.
So demure.

Silky, sexy underpants. That's the very first thought I had when swatching Purr-ride and Purr-redjudice. So smooth and shiny and pretty. I may just try patting this on over a girly pink lipstick to snazz things up. 

Medium toned purple with a cool violet glow.

The Color Purrple is an almost perfect dupe to the now unavailable This. Is. LAVENDAR!! from Hello Waffle's 500 Likes Trio. I'd say if you had that one than this color may be an easy one to pass on. 

Green duochrome over a periwinkle sky blue with flecks of starry gold.
My favorite!

So I finally got around to watching The Great Gatsby not too long ago. (Loved it.) I really should get around to reading the actual novel. Anyway, here's The Great Catsby! I apologize for the difference in lighting here - turns out the first version I swatched wasn't the final incarnation so this one came later. It's absolutely glorious though. That green shift is a sight to behold - and difficult to photograph to boot. While wearing a shade so bold isn't everyone's cup of tea, I suggest snatching up at least a sample so you can appreciate it in person. (Plussss, I just noticed the label says lip safe? You bet your rooty tooty baby booty that I'll be playing around with that.)

Alongside this collection, Christine released a little cat trio! I believe they were GWP's but they're also available for purchase in a set. (When her shop is open, of course!) She very generously sent me a couple so I've included swatches of those as well!

Check Meowt!
Reddened mauve base with blue shift.
The epitome of beauty.

Brick orange/red with a periwinkle shift - never seen anything quite like it! I haven't put it to use just yet but I'm thinking of blending it out all over the lid for a nineties/heroin chic type of look with a snazzy blue sheen.

It's a Catastrophe
Smoky grey-purple base with a strong metallic copper sheen.

It's a Catastrophe - the dark, brooding version of Catticus Finch. I think this would make a really lovely winged liner. It'd be really easy to pop in the crease as well.

And that's everything! The prices on these shadows are a bit more in comparison to Hello Waffle's other eyeshadow prices due to the types of pigments used. (Fancier and pricier!) But if any of these shades appeal to you than I'd say they're well worth it. My favorites have to be Catticus Finch and Portrait of Purrian Gray with Franz Katfka and Hisster Prynne coming up right behind 'em.

Next up on the docket: Siren Song's The Grimmerie and Aromaleigh's Sol Invictus collections. Hopefully, Hello Waffle's Visage. If the sun would ever come out so I could swatch it. >:I


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