Friday, December 12, 2014

Siren Song's The Grimmerie Collection

I'm diggin' this label art.

I'm so sorry, blog - I'm such a neglectful parent. ;_; I've stretched myself a bit thin, it seems - party planning, Christmas shopping, crafts upon crafts. I don't know why I do this to myself, ha ha. Good news though! I passed my very first college class in seven years with an A+! Yaaay! No time to celebrate however, there are blog posts to write!

Today I've got Siren Song Cosmetics' Grimmerie collection based off of the musical Wicked (which I've never seen, I'm so sorry). The owner of Siren Song sent this collection to me for swatching and while it was meant to be a Halloween release it didn't quite make it in time and was instead released about a week into November. A situation with which I'm all too familiar. (I'm so sorry Sol Invictus! You're next, I promise~)  I've kept you waiting long enough however so enough of my blabbing - it's swatchin' time!

*All swatches are over Too Faced Glitter Glue in indoor, indirect natural light unless otherwise noted.*

A blackened bronzey pumpkin orange.

I'm super into rusty reds at the moment and Chistery really fits the bill. (I'm in such a ninties mood, I think.) It'll pair super well with a lot of the shades in Shiro's Halloween collection also so if those really got your boat a-floatin' I'd be giving this color a try.

ETA: I wore this today all over the lid blended out with Garnet from the Lorac Pro Palette. Perf.

A magically bright green.

A bright, shimmery grass green with golden tones. It's lovely but I just have the hardest times wearing true greens. One of these days I'll figure it out! *Fist shaking.*

A shimmery silver.

Enchanted Footwear seems more sparkle than base, I think. Without a sticky primer it would be a lot more sheer. It'll be good for a pop of silver or to add sparkle to a look but a bit harder to work with all on its own.

A purple toned taupe with golden duochrome.
*Sensually bites lip.*

One of my favorites! If Shiro's Yzma's Essence of Llama and HW's Catticus Finch drunkenly hooked up at a frat party then For Good would most definitely be the result. Patting over a sticky primer will really bring out that gold/copper sheen but otherwise it has that lovely mauve base which looks amazing buffed out.

A soft flamingo-ish pink with subtle shimmer.

When I first looked in the jar Popular looked extremely similar to The Sending from the Distant Worlds collection but swatched they're completely different. Popular has a softer, satin finish without all the bells and whistles of The Sending. (To be honest, I definitely prefer The Sending over Popular. Though part of that may be because FFX.) Bright bubblegum pinks are another family of color I have a hard time pulling off but perhaps I'll use this to MacGyver a Barbie-pink lip. Yeah, something like that.

A sparkly chestnut brown.

Something Bad is a deep, murky brown with gorgeous shimmer and I'm in love with it. It's perfect for the lazy, one color looks I've been doing lately. Careful though! If you build it too much it may cake up a bit.

A blackened blue full of shimmering blue, gold, and teal sparks.

Another shade that threw me off a bit - it's quite similar to Our Story but comparing the swatches shows a few differences. The blackened blue base of Swankified is darker than Our Story's navy and the sparkles, while similar, are different enough between the two for my tastes. Perhaps not different enough for someone else's though - a lot of people would be completely satisfied with only one dark blue glitter bomb in their arsenal and that's definitely understandable. Personally, my dragon hoard can't get enough.

A taupe with a strong red and copper glow.
Red shift!
Copper Shift!
Witch Hunters! Another favorite! It's definitely different but for those of you who missed out on Shiro's Zero this last Halloween then Witch Hunters may just be close enough to fill that emptiness inside of you.

A deep matte black.
Over Too Faced Shadow Insurance

I have such a hard time photographing black. (Levels!!) But here it is! Wizomaniac - super dark and black and matte. It's got great pigmentation and isn't terribly hard to work with like mattes can be. There's a bit of shimmer in my swatch though and I can't figure out if it's from my brush, the shadow itself or if it was just floating around in the air.  (My apartment's sunbeams are so lovely on swatching day~) Just something to make note of!

Overall, Grimmerie has some shades I love (For Good & Witch Hunters!) and a few meh shades (Enchanted Footwear & Popular) but most fall into the "Oh yes, I like this." category. The collection as a whole doesn't sit as close to my heart as Distant Worlds of course but I've already gotten a good bit of use from it!

Anyway, it's been forever since I last posted and I've been working on this particular post on and off for so very long that it's giving me anxiety so I'm just going to wrap this up real brisk like! See ya later~


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  1. Wow, this collection is soooo perfect ! (Swankifiiiiied \o/)