Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Baroque Cosmetics' Friends in My Heart Collection

GUYS. GUYS. I BUILT A LIGHT BOX AND IT WORKS (KINDA) SO I'VE GOT SWATCHES. (è⌂é) EAT SHIT, WINTER. (Though I am eager to get me some good sunlight.)

Anyway, my sisters' are super cutie-patooties and for Christmas they got me the full sized set of Baroque Cosmetics 'Friends in My Heart' collection! Kingdom Hearts is, like, one of my top fandoms (though it's been a while since I've played any of the games) and this is the first indie tribute to the series that I've seen - I'm sure I've probably missed some here and there but whatevs. I've also been meaning to give Baroque Cosmetics a try for forever (They have Miyazaki collections - Miyazaki collections!) so this was definitely a nice little intro. Anyway, let's get right into swatches!

*All swatches done over Too Faced Glitter Glue and photographed within a light box constructed with daylight bulbs.*

A deep blue with sparkly glitter.

Not my favorite of this set but definitely pretty. This would be perfect as a liner or to deepen up an eye look. I'm tempted to pair it with Stolen Identity (swatched below) and see what happens - Sparkle Chemistry 101.

A mauve-y purple-y red.

This shade is so much prettier than I was expecting before I swatched it! It's a really lovely, dark dusty rose/mauve shade that's something of a cross between a shimmer and a satin. It's not lip safe buuuttt I may have to tap a bit of it over a pink matte lip because I'm pretty sure it would be magic. (Also, I do what I want.)

A pale yellow with purple glitter.

I'm sorry - this swatch is a bit difficult to see since the pale yellow blends in with my skin tone a bit. Of course, it makes Heart of All Worlds a perfect highlight shade for me. And just look at those sparkles. I'm droolin'.

A smoky black with red glitter.
Hot mama.

Heartless is the perfect representation of its namesake. Though I don't get much red glitter - more violet and gold. (Which I'm totally cool with, obvs.) I want nothing more than to smoke out my bottom lash line with this shade~

A sparkly light gold.
The lighting's weird here - I was still figuring out my set up. Sorry!

A lovely pale gold/beige. It's not the most unique of colors but it rounds out the collection as a whole quite nicely.

A burning green.

Grass! I'm still a bit uncomfortable with this type of green but the gold shimmer makes it seem more wearable for me. I really need to expand my horizons a bit. =_=

A bright silver with green glitter.

Land is a super gorgeous (if a bit sheer) silver with light, almost mint green, shimmer. Since it can sheer out fairly easy I've been using it in my inner corner as a highlight and it's fabulous.

A bright, sky blue.

My swatches don't do this shadow enough justice. It's a bright, metallic blue that's so vivid I thought the swatch was going to lift off of my arm and float away. That probably doesn't make much sense but I get it. Now, a blue like this is somewhat hard to wear (Picture Mimi from the Drew Carey Show.) but I'm determined to make this color work for me.

A pink with a soft violet sheen.

So delicate! So dainty! This is another shade that's a bit sheer which makes it a nice highlight but if your looking to make it pop a white base would be a good idea.

A deep burgundy with blue glitter.

One of my favorites! The blue sparkles in Sea are the fuckin' bomb and the burgundy/maroon base is so bold and rich. I'm enamored.

A mid tone brown with aqua glitter.

MY ULTRA MOST FAVORITE. Sky is a smooth, mid-tone metallic brown. The blue sparkles make the whole shade though. I've been wearing this everywhere: all over the lid, in the crease, blending out darker shades. I don't know. It's getting a bit obsessive. Maybe I need help? But don't send help.

A bold amber yellow.

Molten Gold. Another vivid, float-away masterpiece. Put this on your face and feel like the Egyptian Goddess you are.

Aaand there we have it! My first foray into the world that is Baroque Cosmetics! My favorites have to be Sky, Sea and Heart of All Worlds with Blast Away! and I'm So FLATTERED! bringin' in the rear as my least favorites. Not so much that they're bad but more in a "Eh, take 'em or leave 'em" sort of way. I'm thinking I may have to grab samples of that Spirited Away set but those Art Nouveau blushes are a sure thing. C'mon, a Mucha blush? A Klimt blush?! This brand is after my little wienery fandom heart hard. I'm into it.

Also, thanks for the gift my beautiful bubbies! Love you!



  1. These are gorgeous! I want to put Sea on my lips! (And also order more Baroque immediately.)

    1. Omg, I don't know how I missed Sea being lip safe! I may have to MacGyver myself a custom gloss~